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Cowboy Kid

You better run, better run.

The summer sales have been affecting my better judgement.  Instead of running away I’m headed straight for them.

If you’re feeling a bit peckish, check out my shop!  I added a few more items.

credits: asos bodysuit, kimberly ovitz shirt, ann-sofie back knee pad sweat pants, y-3 cushion wedge

Smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee

Something I’d really like to be doing right now.  Goddamn cough.

Moustache Man and I had been eyeing this Equipment houndstooth shirt forever.  Luckily, MM found it on sale at Saks.  Score.

These pants are out of character for me, but I love that about them.  In related news, I think I’m having a mid-style crisis.  My body not only craves sequins (matte, I haven’t completely lost touch with myself), but fur.  FUR!  I feel like I have a baby Olsen growing inside me.

credits: equipment gran torino blouse, opening ceremony bustier, y-3 twill baggy pant, y-3 cush wedge, derek lam sunnies


I’ve always wanted a turban.

Yigal tempted me with his Resort ’10 collection and Junya Watanabe made it official with his Spring ’10 collection.  The Kamo pieces aren’t really turbans, they’re sculptures, but let’s not digress.  I’m wearing a turban.

I’ve never been a hat person.  But there are always exceptions.

Like this Rike Feurstein Solange hat.  It’s simple, structured and playful.  All Rike’s hat designs have a unique sensibility that make them special.  She experiments with classic shapes (fedora, beret, turban) and uses materials like heavy knits or straw to make them modern, cool and wearable.  I’m a big fan of her knit pieces. . . I’ll probably have to wait for a sale, but  it’ll be worth it.

The collection lookbooks are a fanciful compilation of shapes using wooden forms, illustrations and collages . . . whatever Rike’s inpiring mind comes up with is definitely worth seeing.

credits: rike feurstein solange, y-3 pointed shirt, on course riding pants, marni platform sandals, derek lam sunnies

Raggedy Ann

I’m trying to channel my inner Rag & Bone here, which is hard to do when the homeless cart man is after you.

My shirt is a raggedy thing literally hanging on by a thread to the neck binding.  It’s hopeless state makes me love it even more.           My old boss gave it to me and I think she said it was old Ann Demeulemeester.  But there’s no tag to prove it so I feel like an imposter.

credits: tse hoodie scarf, raggedy rib shirt, of two minds jacket, land’s end pleated skirt, kova & t tights, by malene birger leg warmers, y-3 cushion wedge

london calling

London calling to the underworld

Come out of the cupboard, all you boys and girls

Moustache Man and I went out searching for some London worthy brick.  How’d we do?  ‘London Calling’ was in my head during this shoot.  It’s a shame I wasn’t running around causing a rukus in the streets.

credits: vivienne westwood wizard jacket, y-3 pointed shirt, cheap monday estelle tights, by malene birger leg warmers, y-3 cushion wedge, sparkle fuck ring