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time for deserttime for desert

credits: asos x xs black widow beanie, yigal azrouël boyfriend pullover, lands’ end pleated skirt,

vpl doubly thigh highs, y-3 sneaker wedges


Jumpsuits, or roomy unitards as I like to call them, can be full on utilitarian, sometimes tailored and often sexy.  Either way, I haven’t felt like wearing one since early last year.  Causes?  Maybe because it’s down trending.  Maybe it’s because we’ve designed a ton of them at my job.  I can’t really pinpoint the reason enough to say.  But when I went to the Diesel outlet Black Friday weekend, I forgot about everything.  30% off of 50% of what?  Jock strap looking thing?  Sure, I’ll take 12!  I was like a starved pig at a corn hash county fair.

So I bought this Diesel flightsuit, wore it once and hated it.  When I threw it in my “for sale” pile, (less passionately impulsive) Moustache Man came to it’s rescue.  “Let’s do a post and see how you feel.”  And here it is, looking pretty darn cool.

I haven’t decided whether or not to keep it, but I’m certain when my inner mechanic re-surfaces, I’ll wish I had it.  I guess that should be reason enough to stash it away for a rainy day.

credits: diesel utility jumpsuit, banana republic beanie, y-3 wedges

roly poly

I got this top as a gift a while back, but never got around to wearing it because of the loud colors.  So, I decided to give myself a little weekend project and over-dyed it.  It wasn’t hard, but the polyester dye was pretty toxic . . . a whole bottle of vinegar and 6 machine washes later, the worn out little top still faintly smells of chemicals.  Other than the smell, I think the dye job was a success, the print is still intact and has a subtle cameo affect.  I think I’ll be wearing it a lot more now, which is great because I love the cut!

Last week, I got a nice little email from Sara Woodrow, a Swedish illustrator.  She used one of my photos as inspiration for a set of diaries.  I’m kind of in love with Swedes (fashion, people, energy, all of it!) so it was a super compliment.  Tack Sara!

credits: factory by erik hart top, y-3 pants, vintage andrea pfister couture shoes, derek lam sunnies

holy mackerel

Moustache Man and I spotted these Alice Palmer tights a while ago on ASOS and were completely in awe.  The Fall/Winter 2010 Batman collection has an incredibly spooky superhero vibe with some post apocalyptic undertones.  Waaaay cool.

The reunion was such an amazing experience.  But it’s always worrisome when you’re meeting up with people you haven’t seen in years . . . Will we have anything to talk about?  How much will we have changed?  Thankfully, those questions never came up because it was as if we had never parted.  The girls and I caught up, enjoyed the sights, ate delish food and even had time to shop.  I found the most gorgeous costume jewelry piece from the 1970’s . . . I can’t wait to share it!

credits: funktional jacket, pencey dress, alice palmer ninja tights, y-3 cushion wedge


I thought that my knuckle ring was lost forever, but C found it for me in the bathroom.  I was so excited I gave him a big hug.  The only thing is,  I’m so afraid of losing it I hardly wear it anymore.

I’ve been on a t-shirt/tank hunt lately because I need to stock up on some basics.  Moustache Man found this one for me at Shopbop.    I think one of the main reasons he likes it is because of the name.  Those cheeky Australians.

credits: ksubi devore tits tee, acne skirt, y-3 cutout wedge, asos knuckle ring