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Snack Attack

I’ve got the sale season muchies.  I tried this dress on in navy at Barneys and kept my eye on it online.  Fortunately, it made it through to the 50 percent markdown.  And then, it was worn.

Moustache Man made good on his promise to visit the beach more this summer, so here we are going on trip two in a row!  I hope it isn’t overcast like last weekend, but P is pretty confident it will be sunny and clear.  He’s been performing his special sun dance.  Yeh seeeeeeee?

credits: alc piper dressasos x xs lab black widow beanie, premiata pumps

Hold It

After seeing all the neon effect necklaces out and about I couldn’t help desiring a little rhinestone sparkle in my life.  I found a great vintage piece and was going for more of a Margiela powder coat, but had to scratch the idea due to possible poisonous side effects.  I ended up going with my original plan, which just proves you should always stick with your first instincts.

Moustache Man and I have been cruising the city for our latest photo sets.  I’m happy to say that we’ve found some great spots around my old internship stomping grounds bringing back fond memories of the burrito truck, diaper photo shoots and general footwear design genius.  More later.

credits: enza costa loose tank, marlies dekkers bra, xs lab gunslinger belt, victorialand leggings, marni platform sandals, vintage rhinestone necklace, derek lam sunnies