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white lines

Moustache Man said I never smile in my photos, so I hammed it up for him.  If he had to choose between me smelling like ham or trash he said he’d much prefer ham.

credits: rehab empty placket shirt, vpl turtle skirt, wacoal bra, premiata pumps

bat girl

I’ve always been drawn to Mary Meyer‘s graphic use of prints, especially those playing on the idea of cutouts and negative space.         This tent dress is no exception and I’ve been happily jaunting in it ever since it’s come into my possession.  The MM Fall 2012 collection encompasses a good mix of easy basics (a printed tee, a shift dress), mixed with more specialty pieces, my favorites include a degrade hem skater dress and window pane leggings.  Her customized prints are unique, not too serious and fun to wear. Can’t you tell?

Join in the fun for a Mary Meyer Tent Dress giveaway!  To enter do the following:

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That’s it.  Easy as pie.

Entries close 24th of October and the winner will be contacted directly from the MM team.  Good luck!

-A congratulations is in order to Mona who won the Mary Meyer Tent Dress giveaway!  Enjoy Mona!-

credits: mary meyer tent dress, marlies dekkers bra, vpl doubly thigh highs, marni platform sandals

Fuck it


If anyone will appreciate that, it’ll be M.

I pulled out my VPL patella leggings because I missed them.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I love them in part because of their name.  These are particularly special because they’re the leggings that turned me.  I was always skeptical about the bike short trend, but here I am.   I’m not only more than happy to sport them, but taking very public photos in them.  Sneaky V. Bartlett!

credits: jamison jones dress, t by alexander wang bra, vpl patella leggings, marni platform sandals, derek lam sunnies

connect the bone

Remember the bone song? The arm bone’s connected to the hip bone . . . something like that.  Yeah, I never sang it as a kid.  Nor did I sing the states or presidents song.  Mary Bragg Bobcats rule.

Here’s the ensemble I wore to the Creatures of Comfort/VPL Fall 2010 trunk show.  My old co-worker went too, but I missed her.  What a tiny little city we live in!

A few weeks ago, C invited me to a girl’s shindig at her place.  We were in a creative mood and made jewelry together.  She had the most gorgeous chains, a perfectly weighted nickel and an awesome matte black.  This is the first diy necklace that I really love and I’ve been wearing it almost everyday.  So, I highly recommend getting a C in your life.  They’re tons of fun to hang out with and feed you gourmet salmon dishes for dinner.

credits: oak shirt, vpl patella leggings, cheap monday duct tape tights, mmm tabi boots, diy necklace


Moustache Man and I (with trepidation) headed to Creatures of Comfort for the VPL Fall 2010 trunk show today.  It was amazing not only to see and touch the pieces, but try them on!  I was looking forward to seeing some key pieces: the glorious bandage gloves, the fake tan dissectional leggings and the bodysuits.  Ultimately, I tried on the protrusile tunic (heavily shouldered dress) and a bodysuit.  I am absolutely in love with this dress.  It had just the right cling, shapely shoulders and incredible asymmetrical seams.  It was the perfect VPL statement dress that you would secure in a garment bag, pull out every month, caress and sigh.

Alas, all the items that got me really excited probably won’t make it into production.  The buyers have so much goddamn power!  Fingerless gloves are on trend!! Leggings are on trend!! Bodysuits are on trend!!  I command you to buy them all now!!!  Wise Moustache Man pointed out that I should just be thankful.  He said I had the opportunity to see and try on pieces that the general public won’t be exposed to, which I guess is looking at the glass half full.  But I want those gloves . . .

Anyway, let’s get to the much more exciting part of the evening.  Guess who was there??  Victoria Bartlett of course, but also Tiffany Tuttle of LD Tuttle!!  The two designers have been collaborating for VPL footwear since Spring 2009, so Tiffany frequents the VPL trunk shows.  I was going to escape nameless like I did at the last trunk show, but Moustache Man held firm and we actually got to meet and chat with Tiffany!  I was pretty nervous, but she was incredibly nice and genuine so it was easy to talk to her.  She actually expressed interest in what I was doing (!) and she talked a bit about what attracted her to shoe design.  It was really the most inspirational, freaking awesome day.

credits: vpl fake tan dissectional leggings, vpl protrusile tunic, vpl varigated patchwork bodysuit