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Like, whoa

Moustache Man and I were taking a stroll around the neighborhood when we came across a shop selling LD Tuttle samples.  Of course I had to do a little browsin’.  Imagine my delight when I found The Clear Pipe.  I was obsessed with the pipe heel a year back when MM showed me The Keeper, but it never made it to production so I couldn’t get my hands on it.  My heartbreak is all but forgotten.  I couldn’t be more pleased to stomp around, twirl and do a little dance in my iron heeled LD newbies.

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credits: vintage knit top, alice & olivia zen pants, ld tuttle the clear pipe, derek lam sunnies

fire in the hole

I picked up my new The Helmet sandals last week, but alas couldn’t wear them because of the weather.  Rain, rain go away!  Since we had to shoot inside, Moustache Man and I decided to go get a prop perfect for the occasion at our local army surplus.  We grabbed some vegan breakfast afterwards, MM’s first experience with anything of the sort.  He was a good sport, and I liked it fine.  But who am I kidding . . . I need my bacon!

credits: marlies dekkers bra, mm muscle shirt, rvca x erin wasson hish shorts, ld tuttle the helmet, vintage helmet

you’re a star

The Lash had me at hello.  After seeing a sample I vowed they would be mine.  The day has come and I’m not disappointed.  The linear seams, geometric colorblocking and cutouts (!) make them incredibly special and beautiful.  They are my FAVORITE shoe, boot, wearing thing I own.

MooMoustache Man got caught up in an Ebay bidding war and won me this Brooks Brothers blazer.  I don’t usually wear Brooks Brothers, but there’s something about a vintage little boy blazer that definitely appeals to me.  Perhaps the tailoring and shrunken look?

We’re getting our Christmassy tree tomorrow.  It’s been a year since we’ve had Fatty McGarland in the house and I think it’s been too, too long.

credits: brooks brothers vintage boy blazer, dallin chase stripe shirt, rag & bone/jean skinny, ld tuttle the lash, dragneva cadaques ring

How to whistle

You just put your lips together and blow.

These past few days have been a blur . . . I’ve got so much work I actually wish we didn’t have a long weekend.  But then I think about Thanksgiving and my birthday and know that’s all silly talk.  Let the festivities begin!

credits: vintage dress, untitled hat, asos socks, marni platform sandals


Moustache Man and I did a little nonline shopping this weekend and I picked up a couple of vintage tops.  Since my move, I haven’t really gravitated towards vintage, but lately I find myself getting more and more intrigued and I like it!

I did a little browsing in the forbidden sections and I’m so glad I did.  I fell in love with some Comme, Balenciaga, and Marni pieces . . . the littlest details, a zigzag stitch over a raw edge, snaps in metal slivers . . . make it worthwhile even just to look.

credits: vintage plaid cutout shirt, r13 jeans, asos socklets, rachel comey penpal boots, derek lam sunnies