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Marching Gilet

marching giletmarching giletmarching gilet

When my hair was longer and the weather was colder, I wore this outfit.  The vest is unique (party in the back), but I think the simplicity of the b&w layers allow it to stand out without excess.  Whenever I wear this vest, I feel like a cadet.  So to everyone who has visited      E X T R A S K I N N Y and left behind lovely thoughts I salute you.  My responses have been slow because I’ve been under the weather, but I feel my old self returning.   Until then orange juice and Sudafed shall continue to be my friends.

credits: Emporio Armani gilet, Hugo Boss dress, Vince turtleneck, no name socks, Miss Sixty boots

Blue Belle

I try to avoid following the flock of fads churned out every season,  but I like the tights under shorts look that’s reemerged.  Something about the layering transforms the denim shorts from young-casual into sophisticated-cool.  The top is a Phillip Lim men’s tee.  I love the drapey pocket and loose fit.  Can you tell I enjoy playing with different shapes?

3.1 Phillip Lim tee, 7 for all Mankind DIY cutoffs, Spanx tights, Hugo Boss boots

Don’t Put Me in a Cubicle

Last year around this time, I became obsessed with Ebay and its vintage shops.  This striped frock is from Meat Market Vintage.  Recently, I found it in my closet still tagged and in need of some serious attention.  It’s a simple little number but the asymmetrical ruffle front and loose sleeves make it a winner.  Working with contrast, the grey leggings refer back to the grey stripes in the dress and the black turtleneck keeps the look contemporary.  This girl doesn’t pour coffee and refuses to be put in a corner (especially one resembling a cube).  The look is just too good for that.

Vince turtleneck, Guess tights and Cole Haan pumps

Girl Scout

I’ve always envied my friends who were Brownies.  That’s probably why I was excited about this vintage Girl Scout uniform.  At first glance its a cute costume, but sans the orange tie and gold pin the dress becomes a great palette for a cool look.  Find a nostalgic frock and make it your own by using layered pieces and accessories.  You’d be suprised at the versatility of such homogeneous uniforms.

It makes sense that Girl Scouts would be trendsetters.  Afterall, they’ve pledged to help people at all times, a promise proven by their cookie taste.

Vince turtleneck, Hugo Boss belt and Rachel Comey Penpal boots

VPL Doubly Thigh-High

When burdened with the dilemma of what to wear in bitter cold December, the best item to turn to is leg wear.  These VPL Doubly thigh-highs from the Fall 2008 Collection are great for such an occasion.  Known as the brand for making bold statements with color and reinventing underwear as outerwear, these thigh-highs excite more than classic black, but remain chic unlike some printed design mishaps.  Created in multiple color combinations, the contrast of the hues are most advantageous when paired with the perfect length skirt or dress.  Think short and the leggings will serve you well.  Worn with a Vince turtleneck, Richard Tyler vintage skirt, and Miss Sixty boots.

available at: in black and teal (Resort 2009) in blue and paste in blue