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drink me, eat me

Wonderland Alice’s ‘drink me’ potion and ‘eat me’ cake would come in pretty handy. I’d give my ‘drink me’ potion to Moustache Man so he could play Polly Pocket and hang out with me at work without anyone knowing.  It would be our little secret.

I haven’t narrowed it down on how I’d use the ‘eat me’ cake, but here are a few options:

-give a good ass kick to some mean people

-save the world

-cross a broken bridge

-check out the clouds (I think it might be like eating fluffy snow)

-travel (I much prefer walking to flying)

-give tall girl hugs (WINNER!)

credits: twenty8twelve tank, alice + olivia skirt, premiata pumps

Stick ‘um up

From heart-break some people have suffered;

From weariness some people have died;

But take it all in all,

Our troubles are small

Till we get like Bonnie and Clyde.

credits: twenty8twelve top, vintage skirt, marni platform sandals


When I saw the first picture I exclaimed, “I have a pug nose!”  To which MM replied, “You didn’t know?”  Evil Moustache Man.  I’ve since added him to my list.

This Twenty8Twelve dress is incredibly intricate:  the high collar detaches, the front buttons peak out of the placket, and the side seams are corseted.  But the belt is retarded.  It could go around 2 1/2 times around the waist, can’t fit through all the belt loops and is messy.  I’m just going to double the damn thing up so it goes around once.  Then the dress will be just pefect.

This outfit is meant for which of the following: a heroic adventure, video game con, or eating pizza?  If you know me well enough, the answer will be a cinch.  Hint.

credits: diy skeletor suit, twenty8twelve delmar dress, black milk liquids, hugo boss booties, army surplus spats

Execution Style

execution styleexecution styleexecution style

Long time no see!  The move went incredibly well and I’m happy to announce that the new place already feels like home.  I’ve been in a transitional period, not just with the move, but also with career minded decisions.  Hopefully, everything will work out.  In the meantime, I can’t wait to catch up with all of you!

credits: Vivienne Westwood Wizard coat, Twenty8Twelve Boylen jeans, LD Tuttle The Shifter Dust boots

Rose Chase Me Bolero Jacket

Neutral and black is one of my favorite color combinations for the fall.  The key is to use a smart black piece that is worth the contrast standout.  Stylist duo Britt Bardo and Jewels Steger use the namesake Rose to create signature vintage inspired wear, one being the Chase Me Bolero Jacket.  A two piece that can be worn as a savvy separate or the perfect pair, this jacket is worth showcasing as the star before a beige backdrop.  Available at

RIDING GIRL: Move aside Ichabod Crane.  This girl is ready to mount her horse and ride in search of adventure.  Bystanders won’t be able to overlook the cool double layered effect achieved by her jacket’s three-quarter sleeves.  Credits: Rose Chase Me Bolero Jacket, Hard Tail waffle turtleneck, On Course riding pants and Miss Sixty boots.

WEATHER GIRL: She predicts cloudy skies with a chance of drizzle.  While others pop open their umbrellas, this chic meteorologist would rather pop out her collar.  Credits: Rose Chase Me Bolero Jacket (vest), Burberry trench dress, tsesay gloves and Rachel Comey Penpal Leather Boots.

HOBBLE GIRL: What used to be the corset of our bottom half, the contemporary hobble skirt is no longer a restriction.  It seems fitting that it should be paired with the most liberating little black jacket.  Let loose some frills or ruffles and unbutton your vest.  Credits: Rose Chase Me Bolero Jacket, Twenty8Twelve tank, VPL Delineated Hobble Skirt and Hugo Boss booties.