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Lost Boys

lost boyslost boyslost boyslost boys

If I got paid a dollar for every time I wore this dress, I would have made double its worth.  Translation: it’s one of my favorites.  This lemonade outfit #2 is my version of what a Lost Girl would wear.  Apparently, none exist in Neverland because girls are much more clever than boys.  Pssst, check out Glamour . . . Today’s Best Dressed Reader may look familiar!

credits: Gary Graham dress, Thakoon belt, Pencey leggings, Hugo Boss boots

Yippie Kay Yay

yippie kay yayyippie kay yayyippie kay yayyippie kay yay

After much anticipation, my Thakoon parachute belt went on sale at eLuxury.  I snatched it up only to discover that it was too big.  So I made some lemonade (outfits) with my lemons (belt).  This ensemble turned out “equestrian chic,” an appropriate theme as the pants are actual riding breeches.  They’re stubborn to put on (me kicking and jumping), but I think their versatility makes it worth it.  If I didn’t already have them in black, I’d be getting out my sharpie . . .

credits: On Course riding pants, Express vest, Express shirt, Thakoon belt, Hugo Boss boots

The Bard of Belts

derek lam corset dress set

I was away for a wedding this past weekend and this Derek Lam corset dress was a close contender in making an appearance.  Even though it didn’t make the cut, I thought it deserved a post.  Once again I need your advice.  Please proceed.

derek lam corset dress

This dress per the Fall 2007 collection was originally styled with a belt . . .

no frills

but doesn’t it look sleek without any fanfare?  To belt or not to belt?  That is the question.

It’s good to be back.  Stay tuned for the winning wedding pick, a new haircut and special vintage find . . .



First Lady Treatment

First Lady Obama has shown an invested interest in fashion, wearing designers from Thakoon to Jason Wu.  To return the favor, WWD has cordially invited some of the most well known designers to concoct the perfect Inaugural Ball gown.  An opportunity into the minds of these artists is rare and much appreciated.  Their individual personality and vision is definitely apparent in their stylish croquis.  Some are classic, others static and a few almost cartoon-like.  From left to right: Maria Cornejo, Rodarte, Zac Posen and Kai Milla.  My absolute favorite designs are by Christian Lacroix.  What do you think?