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My Minimale Animale swimmie doubles as a bodysuit.  Brilliant.  The MA gangkiz are having a partaaaaay today, so if you’re in area of Newport, you should swing by.  Above, you can preview some of my awesome dance moves.

credits: minimale animale blondie + christie brinkley, bailey 44 harness belt, hussein chalayan skirt, premiata pumps


Moustache Man and I hit up the beach yesterday.  It was overcast and chilly, but still beautiful to be by the water and lay in the sand.  MM calls this my Frankenkini.  A bit of Marlies, dash of Zimmermann and pinch of Minimale Animale to spice up your life.

I just discovered Minimale Animale, which may start a new unhealthy shopping addiction.  The unique styles have flattering cuts and cleverly naming them after super models allows you to embody the magical sexual prowress of said SUPER.  Designer/Stylist  Cassandra Kellogg sums up the swimwear line in these words: “The collection is for confident, young-at heart women who aren’t afraid of wearing something striking, and also for those who embrace their natural beauty and are comfortable in their own skin.”

credits: minimale animale the christy brinkley white mesh, marlies dekkers gloria bra, zimmermann billow loop knot bikini bottom, jnby hooded poncho, derek lam sunnies