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Vanessa Bruno ’09

vanessa bruno spring '09vanessa bruno spring '09

Parisian designer Vanessa Bruno was destined to follow in her parents’ fashionable footsteps.  With a supermodel mother and fashion house founding father, she was introduced to the industry as a junior member and created her first collection by age twenty-four.  Her Spring 2009 collection portrays a golden memory of fall.  Shimmering autumn brights of orange, green and yellow balance the hardly-basic black pieces.  Creating is child’s play for Bruno, the most eye-catching pieces adorned with origami cut-outs and cats cradle necklines.

Posh Hide and Seek

Ready or not here she comes.  The former Spice Girl known for her outlandish fashion sense has debuted her Spring 2009 dress collection at Selfridges.  According to The Guardian, the rack of items was left nearly empty on the first day proving that the soccer mom has major retail appeal.  Her structured and tailored dresses have received positive reviews including a comparison with designer RM, which is no suprise since he “mentored” her through the whole process.   But however beautiful the craftsmanship, these dresses are not for the faint of wallet.  Reaching up to $3,000, penny pinchers will have to settle for a look but don’t have approach.

Some may find it difficult to believe that Posh has a sense of humor.  If her Marc Jacobs advertisments weren’t proof enough, here is another bit of wit.  In a recent video campaign for her collection, a group of models and she participate in a whimsical game of hide and seek.  I encourage you to play.  Tag, you’re it!


Sunny Funny Face

There is something incredibly magical about old Hollywood.  The traditions, innocence and wit captured on film is untouchable today.  And the clothes are absolutely fabulous.  Givenchy’s creation for the finale of Funny Face is a fetching wedding dress perfect for Audrey Hepburn’s delicate figure.  The short length, simplicity, and clean silhouette creates a fresh look perfect for a young bride.  Modern day Giambattista Valli designed a gorgeous dress similar in nature for his Spring 2009 collection.  With a boat neck, ruched sleeves and precision seaming, this dress is a postmodern classic.  Although not intended for a walk down the aisle, it could definitely move a groom to tears.

Every dress should have pockets including your wedding gown.  Valli agrees.  Check out his Wedding Collection.

Jeremy Scott’s Opulence

Clearly, Jeremy Scott does not need a valet.  He is his own.  A strong willed and flamboyant personality, this Missouri native creates outrageous design caricatures for the public all under a Scott twisted theme.  This fall the theme was Opulence with money colored dresses and dollar signatures.  As a whole, the collection was reminiscent of “Beauty and the Beast” with clock and library innuendos.  A definite beauty is this knit tuxedo dress available at RevolveClothing sister site

If you’re looking forward to his spring collection, Scott says, “Let Them Eat Gas.”  Stirred up by a controversial statement made by a decadent queen, his Spring 2009 pieces take a jab at the eighteenth century and the 1980’s.  Look out for a mango heart print skirt suit and a marigold gassed jumper.