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Are you there?

I was in a shop the other day and had the worst experience with the sales people.  When I walked out of the dressing room empty handed, it was like I didn’t exist anymore.  I’ve been to higher end stores with much more grace than that.  That’s why I’ve decided to make a vow.  If I ever become a shop girl I promise not to be rude to people who simply want to try on expensive clothes, but can’t afford them.  Really, it’s a shame these horrible people are allowed to be around beautiful clothes everyday.

And I know I’ll be going to Saks if those dresses ever go on sale.  Snap, snap, snap!

credits: rose chase me vest, alice + olivia leather skirt, falke socks, marni platform sandals

Black Friday

black fridayblack friday

I’ve missed out on Thanksgiving because of food poisoning.  But that won’t keep me from a little online browsing.  Happy shopping everyone!

credits: RN Convertible dress, Rose Chase Me Bolero vest, LAMB skirt, LD Tuttle The Shaper



This outfit came together one night and made me think of a football uniform.  I think the prominent shoulders and racing stripes create the athletic effect.  I wanted the look to be obvious rather than nuanced, so I added eye black.  I was really excited about my uniform, but quite nervous about getting caught taking photos.  Fortunately Moustache Man and I pulled it off, narrowly escaping an encounter with one of our neighbors.  I can’t imagine what he would have thought!

credits: Rose Chase Me bolero, Rick Owens Moto jacket, Pencey pants, Rachel Comey Penpal boots

Night Crawler

night crawlernight crawlernight crawler

This VPL hobble skirt seriously deters me from walking in normal increments.  I don’t know how ladies back in the day got anywhere on time without being carried around.  I wouldn’t mind that actually.  I recently crept around with Moustache Man to get some moody pics.  Nighttime photos are a bit tricky because of the light.  Moustache Man doesn’t like flat light because he says it looks like he’s been using the flash.  “What’s wrong with using the flash?” I asked.  He didn’t even dignify me with an answer.  I guess I’m just a simple-minded snacker.  Doughnuts anyone?

credits: VPL b-tank, Rose Chase Me vest, VPL hobble skirt, Rachel Comey Penpal boots

Buttah Leathah

buttah leathahbuttah leathahbuttah leathahbuttah leathah

It was my last sewing class Saturday and I’m going to miss it.  But at least I have some souvenirs.  This is project #3, a leather skirt.  It has ribbed knit side panels (an unworthy nod to Rick Owens), an exposed zipper, and (accidental) irregular hem, hence the slip showeth underneath.  There were definitely some frustrating and frantic moments with my seam ripper, but I am really excited with the result.  My zipper skills and darts (the obstinate puckering!) could use some work.  But now armed with a pattern and basic construction knowledge, I can try my hand at getting better.  Meanwhile, I have a new found love . . . leathah.  Remember Stella from Project Runway?

credits: diy leather skirt, Hugo Boss shirt, Rose Chase Me vest, Spanx tights, Cocobelle sandals