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Posh Hide and Seek

Ready or not here she comes.  The former Spice Girl known for her outlandish fashion sense has debuted her Spring 2009 dress collection at Selfridges.  According to The Guardian, the rack of items was left nearly empty on the first day proving that the soccer mom has major retail appeal.  Her structured and tailored dresses have received positive reviews including a comparison with designer RM, which is no suprise since he “mentored” her through the whole process.   But however beautiful the craftsmanship, these dresses are not for the faint of wallet.  Reaching up to $3,000, penny pinchers will have to settle for a look but don’t have approach.

Some may find it difficult to believe that Posh has a sense of humor.  If her Marc Jacobs advertisments weren’t proof enough, here is another bit of wit.  In a recent video campaign for her collection, a group of models and she participate in a whimsical game of hide and seek.  I encourage you to play.  Tag, you’re it!