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credits: rick owens lilies dress, premiata pumps

the fall

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

credits: asos bodysuit, rick owens lilies mesh moto jacket, enza costa pleated maxi, ann demeulemeester boots

déjà vu

Moustache Man and I had a full morning, literally.  With our bellies filled with breakfast burritos and Chick-fil-A, we took to the streets on a shopping jaunt.  MM is quite dandy at finding things.  When I came out of the dressing room empty handed, he was waiting with a pair of tabi sneaks . . . he said he just knew they were for me.  Well, I couldn’t argue with that!

credits: xs lab the ventilator leather sheath, rick owens lilies dress, reed krakoff sandals

tug of war

I’ve been feeling peplumy . . . my latest craving is a skirt pant.  Until I find the one, I guess I’ll have to improvise.  Victoria Bartlett would be so proud.

New shop posts . . . and more to come.  To check it out click me!

I finally caved and started a twitter.  Follow me!

credits: kimberly ovitz top, kiss me deadly van doren suspender, rick owens lilies dress, marsèll boots

Dovima’s Elephant

It’s not quite there, but I do believe it was in my subconscious as inspiration.  I wish I could have found some baby elephants . . . it would have made the photos so darling.

I went away this weekend for a wedding and it was marvelous.  Moustache Man and I started our dating period in the same city so it was nostalgic, but it didn’t quite feel like home until we got back.

If you haven’t noticed, my roots grew in purple.  I loved the blonde and was even a little sad when I went dark, but I needed the change.  It’s my new fall do!  Along with the new hair, I’m craving red + burgundy combos, canadian tuxedos, corduroy, chunky knits, sequins + fur (yes, still), moto boots . . .  the list goes on and on.

credits: ec cowl top, marlies dekkers bra, rick owens lilies skirt, marsèll boots