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When pigs fly

This is what I wore to Fashion’s Night In.  I was a little overdressed.

I didn’t buy anything, but I did get to browse some new shops.  NOT JUST A LABEL and Young British Designers are forward thinking shops who support up and comers like Gemma Slack, Alice Palmer and Konradparol.  It’s refreshing not to see the same designers and same merchandise over and over.  As much as I admit to being a brand whore, I do get excited by new design blood.

credits: rag & bone dress, by malene birger leg warmers, mmm tabi boots, derek lam sunnies

breaking and entering

This Halloween I’m going to be a fashion blogger who’s SOL with credit card debt (online shopping of course) and needs to pull a heist to pay it all off.  It’s very original.

Today’s been one of those “I’ve been hit by a truck” feeling days, which require your boyfriend man’s clothes.  I borrowed MM’s Rag & Bone military shirt to wear as a jacket.  Despite the disturbing fact that it fits me, it hit the spot like a good chai does on a spooky, gloomy day.

credits: banana republic hat, rag & bone military shirt, alexander wang tunic, ld tuttle the shaper, tse fingerless gloves, derek lam sunnies

Tennis Whites

tennis whitestennis whitestennis whites

I had been eyeing everyone’s oxfords for a while, when I found this vintage pair at Feathers Boutique in Austin.  Vintage shoes are usually too small for my ginormous size nine feet, so I obliged the kindly shopping dieties and pulled out some plastic.  I like the first photo because it looks like I’m being abducted.

credits: rag & bone dress, Spanx tights, vintage Enzo Angiolini shoes

Drop Your Sword

drop your sworddrop your sworddrop your sworddrop your sword

I’ve been taking an Intro to Clothing Construction class at Otis and this is my second project.  Initially patterned to be drawstring cargo pants, my stubborn personality and mum’s borrowed sewing machine gnawed at my docile student’s better half.  So I took a risk.  After much laboured sewing and as much time spent ripping seams, here it is.  My inspiration was taken from Rag & Bone and samurai gear.  Be gentle with the commentary.  I’m only a novice of thread and needle.

credits: VPL B-tank, diy samurai pants, Camper wedges

Rag & Bone 2009

rag & bone fall 2009rag & bone spring 2009

Dear David,
I saw you at the Heist/Rag & Bone event Thursday and did not have the courage to introduce myself.  It may have been the small and awkward quarters or the fact that I wasn’t drinking, but in the end I left without so much as eye contact.  I wish I could have told you any one of these things:

1. It is amazing that Marcus and you started the company without a fashion background.
2. I am very much looking forward to your Pre-Fall and Fall collection.
3. If I were in your shoes, I’d be taking smoking breaks too.

If we meet again, I shall be shaking your hand.

With affection,