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When desert nightfall comes, the mood changes. The sky dims and shadows overrun the landscape. All creatures with breath and a heartbeat shudder in fear or excitement, as they hear an unabated howl. She is ready.  It is time for Sam’s Pizza’s Indian food.

credits: rehab turtleneck dress, vintage hat, untitled socks, rachel comey penpal boots



Escape is a part of my psyche. I need it. I crave it. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, it always lingers, either hopeful or sinister.

It’s time for the magician’s final act. Swarthy, with a painted moustache, he rolls out his clunky contraption. Behind one mirrored door, his assistant awaits.

He has many rings on his fingers, they sparkle, diversion worthy. His bedazzled sausages waggle amidst unintelligible words. She’s gone, escaped onto her next adventure.

“Drat!” he thought.  “Now I must buy another.”

credits: untitled hat, asos pleated blouse, 7 for all mankind shorts, rachel comey penpal boots


Moustache Man and I did a little nonline shopping this weekend and I picked up a couple of vintage tops.  Since my move, I haven’t really gravitated towards vintage, but lately I find myself getting more and more intrigued and I like it!

I did a little browsing in the forbidden sections and I’m so glad I did.  I fell in love with some Comme, Balenciaga, and Marni pieces . . . the littlest details, a zigzag stitch over a raw edge, snaps in metal slivers . . . make it worthwhile even just to look.

credits: vintage plaid cutout shirt, r13 jeans, asos socklets, rachel comey penpal boots, derek lam sunnies

Straight Shooter


It’s Fashion Week and I’m on the wrong side of the coast . . . boo hoo.

So far I’m smitten with Gary Graham’s genius texture/print layering ( I call dibs on those paisley knee socks!) + Rachel Comey’s cable knit print (!) and footwear.  Interestingly enough, the 2 shows I found most appealing from today’s lineup are very different from my personal style.  But I guess that proves how much resonating power comes out of their designs.

I’ve been sporting my new Marsèll’s with a jaunty step.  I got them from Totokaelo and wouldn’t have had it any other way.   Those girls are just the bee’s knees.

credits: one tithl vest, rick owens lilies skirt, marsèll boots, dragneva cadaques ring

Why not smile

I’d like to share my new mantra with y’all.  Ironically there isn’t even a smirk in the pics, but trust that I’m smiling on the inside.

The blog has been a yawn fest so I decided to take a little field trip.  Moustache Man came along for the adventure and green tea chai.  It tastes like liquid green tea ice cream.

I wish I could have gone to Marfa with the BuyDefinition gals, but alas.  I will live vicariously through Marfa Lites.

credits: t by alex wang bra, t by alex wang rib tank, life with bird why not smile skirt, hansel from basel socks, rachel comey penpal boots, derek lam sunnies