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drink me, eat me

Wonderland Alice’s ‘drink me’ potion and ‘eat me’ cake would come in pretty handy. I’d give my ‘drink me’ potion to Moustache Man so he could play Polly Pocket and hang out with me at work without anyone knowing.  It would be our little secret.

I haven’t narrowed it down on how I’d use the ‘eat me’ cake, but here are a few options:

-give a good ass kick to some mean people

-save the world

-cross a broken bridge

-check out the clouds (I think it might be like eating fluffy snow)

-travel (I much prefer walking to flying)

-give tall girl hugs (WINNER!)

credits: twenty8twelve tank, alice + olivia skirt, premiata pumps

glass slipper

I am not worthy.

credits: premiata plexi heel boots, premiata silver ankle boots, premiata ankle boots


My Minimale Animale swimmie doubles as a bodysuit.  Brilliant.  The MA gangkiz are having a partaaaaay today, so if you’re in area of Newport, you should swing by.  Above, you can preview some of my awesome dance moves.

credits: minimale animale blondie + christie brinkley, bailey 44 harness belt, hussein chalayan skirt, premiata pumps

Snack Attack

I’ve got the sale season muchies.  I tried this dress on in navy at Barneys and kept my eye on it online.  Fortunately, it made it through to the 50 percent markdown.  And then, it was worn.

Moustache Man made good on his promise to visit the beach more this summer, so here we are going on trip two in a row!  I hope it isn’t overcast like last weekend, but P is pretty confident it will be sunny and clear.  He’s been performing his special sun dance.  Yeh seeeeeeee?

credits: alc piper dressasos x xs lab black widow beanie, premiata pumps

cut a rug

Sometimes Moustache Man and I have dance parties in our living room.  Slow dances, silly dances, all different types . . . our own special prom nights.

credits: inside out prom dress, made by niki sheer secretary skirt, premiata pumps