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reality bites

Green is my COLOR.  Last week, I wore it in a TOP, DRESS, and had it on my NAILS.  I just J’ADORE it.  Funny enough I haven’t loved the color for a long time now.  I guess it’s just proof that all love comes and goes, and every so often comes BACK.

credits: asos peplum top, pencey bike shorts, ld tuttle the creature

White Stripes


JNBY, Just Naturally Be Yourself, is a line based in Hangzhou, China.  The pieces have a fluid and easy nature, but also maintain a structural sense that keeps things interesting.  I love wearing garments that people want to look at and examine . . . it just shows how much love went into making it.

C over at Brigadeiro is having a giveaway . . . I got picked for her last one and it was a doozy . . . go on check it out!

credits: jnby hooded poncho, pencey leggings, ann demeulemeester wedge boots

holy mackerel

Moustache Man and I spotted these Alice Palmer tights a while ago on ASOS and were completely in awe.  The Fall/Winter 2010 Batman collection has an incredibly spooky superhero vibe with some post apocalyptic undertones.  Waaaay cool.

The reunion was such an amazing experience.  But it’s always worrisome when you’re meeting up with people you haven’t seen in years . . . Will we have anything to talk about?  How much will we have changed?  Thankfully, those questions never came up because it was as if we had never parted.  The girls and I caught up, enjoyed the sights, ate delish food and even had time to shop.  I found the most gorgeous costume jewelry piece from the 1970’s . . . I can’t wait to share it!

credits: funktional jacket, pencey dress, alice palmer ninja tights, y-3 cushion wedge

French Noir

I first saw Hansel from Basel on UO and was intrigued by these kneepad tights.  They were on sale but I never got them because I was trying to “economize.”  Silly girl. Fortunately, I’ve been seeing the brand all over online shops and found these pair of over the knees at lambs ear.  I think the ways to style them will be endless!  Check out La Garconne’s Le Magazine for some great examples/ideas.  Over the knees can be tricky because of how high they hit on the leg, but it’s nothing a little scrunch or two can’t fix.

P was furious when I used his books for photo props.  He considers himself a serious intellectual and can be quite guarded about his literature.  We’ve since patched things up.  The books came into play because I was cranky from cramps and not feeling it.  I think it helped pep me up because of how difficult it was to keep the books from flying off my head (especially when spinning).

credits: vintage stripe tee, pencey accordion dress, hansel from basel silk rib over the knee socks, ld tuttle the creature

Stream of Consciousness

. . . why are there so many people out?  I bet they can see us from those buildings.  Must try to pose . . .  but don’t try too hard.  Move feet!

Here are my thoughts as Moustache Man and I try to take some pictures out in the open.  It is a horrifying experience for us introverts.  But the last thing I want to do is bore you with more indoor shots.  P says it’s an adventure worth making!

credits: karen walker pearls dress, pencey knee high tights, vivienne westwood wizard coat, MMM tabi boots, banana republic cashmere hat