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Dementor II

Style Bubble recently posted about an online gallery, Out of print! featuring David James.  I had no idea who he was, but discovered that I’m familiar with his work on Prada ad campaigns.  Remember Amber Valleta doing a watery Ophelia in ’97?  That was David James.  But my favorite is this 60’s inspired campaign.  His other work includes CD covers, Prada invites, and AnOther editorials.  It’s an impressive collection of art and definitely worth seeing.

credits: rick owens lilies moto jacket, nicholas k tucker sweats, MMM tabi boots, army surplus find


I’m back indoors because I didn’t think I could be spooky in front of an audience.  The belt is an army surplus find that probably isn’t a belt.  Moustache Man and I browsed through one in our neighborhood (apparently it’s been in movies) because I wanted some camo underpants and I came across a stack of these leather contraptions.  I tried it on and voila, a badass belt.  In hindsight, we should have asked the owner what it was, but hindsight is 20/20.  I almost prefer that we don’t know because it adds a mystique and things are better when they’re mystical.

credits: rick owens lilies moto jacket, nicholas k tucker sweats, MMM tabi boots, army surplus find

Task Master

It’s hard to look cute when you’re constantly on the run.  This is one of my favorite get-ups from when I used to assist a stylist (sans the 4″ booties).  You can’t go wrong with cigarette black pants, and a tank.  But to add a little flair, I threw on my Nicholas K jacket and vintage necklace.  I don’t wear jewelry often, but this piece rests beautifully on the collar bone and is a magnificent color.

Nicholas K jacket, Lucky Brand Jeans tank, On Course riding pants, Hugo Boss boots, Renoir vintage necklace

Nicholas K Tucker Sweats

Sweat pants are for the home and the gym.  Furthermore, if there is a message sewn on the rear they should be left in the closet.  But these Nicholas K sweats are far from having a certain Juicy je nais sais quois.  Below are four-ways to wear them.  Available at in khaki.

MATADOR MAX: A chic uniform for fighting Aunty Entity, pairing the Nicholas K Tucker Sweats with its matching jacket creates a futuristic look.  The slim jodhpur shape pant and dramatic collar jacket juxtapose fitted and loose silhouettes perfect for insubordination.  Credits: Nicholas K Tucker Sweats and jacket, sofake wefail secretary shirt, and Hugo Boss booties.

WORKING GIRL: The key to success is the Nicholas K pant.  Paired with a feminine blouse, color happy heels and a basic belt, the perfect business casual outfit is complete.  Afterall, you should dress for the job you want, not the one you have.  Credits: Nicholas K Tucker Sweats, Marc by Marc Jacobs blouse, Anzevino & Florence vest, Hugo Boss belt, and Seychelles shoes.

URBAN MILITIA: When marching through the winter war zone, what better wear to keep you warm than Nicholas K Tucker Sweats?  Essentials for your pack are tall boots and a camo green vest.  Credits: Nicholas K Tucker Sweats, Emporio Armani vest and LD Tuttle The Shifter Dust boots.

YARINA: Take a voyage in search of booty.  With the Nicholas K pant and a slouchy top, you’ll fit right in with the crew.  The gentlemen on board might even say, “My she was yar.”  Credits: Nicholas K Tucker Sweats, Eksempel blouse and Materia Prima boots.

Porter Zip Cardigan

Nicholas K introduces a cardigan with a twist of lime.  The cowl neck, draped back and zip pockets create a piece that is meticulously constructed, but effortlessly wearable.  For this season, the sister and brother duo look to safari for inspiration.  The Fall 2008 collection toys with temperature layering billowy dresses under structured and dramatic jackets, an effect that keeps this collection hot and cool at the same time.  Worn with a Hugo Boss dress and LD Tuttle the Shifter Dust Boots.