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Dauling Girl



Dazed & Confused / Katsuya Kamo / December 2008

i-D Magazine / Dirty Diana / September 2009

10 Magazine / Fall/Winter 2009


Future of xs photography.

hyun yi lee / vogue korea / blank beauty / june 2010

Incredible lines.

lana chun

Culture shock.

lee hye jung / vogue korea / ethnic voyage / may 2010

Eye candy.

philip huang / style magazine / young british power / september 2009

Girl Crush

Little missy headlined Margiela’s Spring 2011 show.

credits: Delfine Barfot / The Face / November 2002 via the fashion spot

Style crush on Wiktor Hansson.  Let’s go shopping awesome turban model man.

credits: stockholmstreetstyle

TAO Power

TAO, you rock my world.

Vogue Nippon November 2009 //

Vogue China September 2010, Solve Sundsbo //

Purple Fashion Magazine #13,
Spring/Summer 2010, David Armstrong //

Supreme Management test shots Spring 2009, James Mahon //

Vogue Paris September 2009, Paola Kudacki //

Vogue Nippon September 2009, Daniel Jackson

Cuddly Kaiser

Kaiser Karl stirred up some controversy this week with some randy comments per The Telegraph:

On the use of fur: “[Hunters] make a living having learnt nothing else than hunting, killing those beasts who would kill us if they could.  In a meat-eating world, wearing leather for shoes and clothes and even handbags, the discussion of fur is childish.”

On size zero models: “There are nearly 30 per cent of young people who are too fat. So let’s take care of the zillions of the too fat before we talk about the percentage that’s left.”

I have to say I was more amused than offended.  Afterall, wouldn’t you expect M. Lagerfeld to speak his mind?