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necessary roughness

I now own two Junya pieces including this bomber jacket and I’m happy, but not satisfied.  To tell you the truth, all my specialty purchases end up being safely tucked away in my drawer or hanging in my closet.  All I can think about are the horrible things that could happen while wearing something out . . . the mesh on my new bomber could rip, my knit dress could get a snag, my bright white shirt dress could get a stain . . . it goes on, and on and on.  It’s such a MAJOR bummer and I’m fed up already!

So, slowly I’m going to reintegrate my special loves into my daily life.  Rips can be mended, snags can be knotted and stains can be washed out.  As long as I remember that, everything will be alright.

credits: junya watanabe comme des garçons nylon bomber, enza costa racer tank, miss sixty harem pants, ann demeulemeester boots

This is not a test

This is not a test . . . this is not a test . . . this is not a dress . . .

I’m not mad, the sun’s just in my eyes.  I couldn’t help participating in a DIY Jil Sander veiled beanie with some online guidance from honestly wtf and nitrolicious.  The only thing I did different was to trim off the end of the veil netting . . . the thick black thread was too contrasty.

This is the perfect accessory for me right now.  I’m in the awkward process of growing out my hair and not only does the beanie hide my lack of haircut/style, but holds my bangs out of my eyes and allows me to see.  The past few weeks made me realize I’ve taken sight for granted.  P sez seeing is overrated.  Then he bumped into a wall.

credits: asos x xs lab black widow beanie, t by alex wang tank, miss sixty harem trousers, marsèll boots

Barolo One

barolo onebarolo onebarolo onebarolo one

I was playing with different outfits yesterday and discovered that the Wolford barolo tights + Hugo Boss boots combo compliment many an ensemble.  So I kept with the flow.  This look is one out of three.  I love how the robin blue plays off the barolo, like a bowl of mixed berries.

On an aside, I’ve been featured by the blog!  This webshop has fantastic photos and a sharp style sense.  It’s quickly become one of my favorite online stores.  Go on, give it a click.

credits: Miss Sixty sweater dress, Wolford barolo tights, Hugo Boss boots

Garage Sale

garage sale

Sharon Rose recently posted about de-cluttering her wardrobe and coincidentally I am doing the same.  Sporadically throughout the year, I get powerful urges to go though my closet and cupboards to organize, recycle and reduce.  Currently at my reduce phase, I am putting a few more items up for auction on ebay.  A bit old school I do admit, but not all of us have the graphic design genes to create lovely online shops like Park & Cube.

1. Cashmere sweater of a brand which I don’t know because I snipped off the itchy tag.
2. Miss Sixty dress I got on my birthday a couple years back, but have only worn once.  A bit boobly with the right bra.
3. Benetton blazer, which I’ve styled as a boyfriend blazer because it is too big for me.  It’s quite nice oversized or fitted.

Let the buying begin!

Marching Gilet

marching giletmarching giletmarching gilet

When my hair was longer and the weather was colder, I wore this outfit.  The vest is unique (party in the back), but I think the simplicity of the b&w layers allow it to stand out without excess.  Whenever I wear this vest, I feel like a cadet.  So to everyone who has visited      E X T R A S K I N N Y and left behind lovely thoughts I salute you.  My responses have been slow because I’ve been under the weather, but I feel my old self returning.   Until then orange juice and Sudafed shall continue to be my friends.

credits: Emporio Armani gilet, Hugo Boss dress, Vince turtleneck, no name socks, Miss Sixty boots