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cuddle cub

Even before Gossip Girl, I’ve envied those who wore school uniforms.  In my opinion it covers the basics of a well rounded wardrobe . . . a collared shirt, a pleated skirt, a cardigan.  Mix n’ match or wear all together for your own very prep look.

MM: You’re a bother bear.

Me: I’m not a bother bear . . . I’m a cuddle cub!

credits: miss selfridge pinafore, factory erik hart pinafore, topshop bear socks, marni platform sandals

not starbucks

Was out and about last weekend when Moustache Man spotted this killer alley.  You’ll know how much I like to hide out in alleys.

Been feeling my Chucks lately, so I picked up a pair of high tops at the Converse Outlet.  My latest project is scouring Ebay for vintage dresses to wear with them.  Afterall, how else am I going to break these guys in?

credits: hugo boss shirt, miss selfridges pinafore, haute hippie knit blazer, chucks, rayban wayfarers