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How to whistle

You just put your lips together and blow.

These past few days have been a blur . . . I’ve got so much work I actually wish we didn’t have a long weekend.  But then I think about Thanksgiving and my birthday and know that’s all silly talk.  Let the festivities begin!

credits: vintage dress, untitled hat, asos socks, marni platform sandals

women are from mars

Moustache Man said this is my space outfit.  If only I had thought to add those eyebrows, it would have been perfect!

As of next week, I am officially a one job woman.  I now have weekends like normal folk . . . I still can’t believe it.

C of my heart is in town this weekend and I can’t wait to spend some quality time with her.  It’s hard to stay in touch when a friend moves away, but it makes it that much more special when you find your way back together.  On tomorrow’s agenda I foresee a sweet x savoury brunch followed by a much anticipated day at the beach, and of course sharing a ciggie with some heart to heart chit chat.  Can you believe I’ve gone to the beach only once this summer??  We shall soon fix that!!  Heh, heh.

credits: asos racing stripe tunic, marlies dekkers bra, luv aj spike id bracelet, alynne lavigne vintage bracelet, hussein chalayan skirt, falke leg warmers, marni platform sandals



I’m in love with all things Carin Wester.  She has a serious eye for unique and modern silhouettes and it makes me want everything she makes.   Like these Nefertiti pants.  Not only am I a sucker for the name, but it has an awesome curved seam and makes me feel like an Egyptian queen every time I wear them.  I’ve always avoided wide leg trousers, but these have the perfect amount of pleated volume to make them wind blown worthy.

The Maeve blouse is also a special piece.  It has a great sheerness and drapes beautifully on the body.  I pulled it on one day and accidentally put my wrist through the placket slit.  I liked how it looked, so I’ll probably keep wearing it that way.   I love happy accidents.

Moustache Man and I continued our aquatic adventures this week.  We went kayaking a couple days ago and were almost attacked by a sea lion, who I named Floppy.

credits: carin wester nefertiti pants, carin wester maeve blouse, marni platform sandals

Great Escape

Moustache Man calls these my diaper shorts.  I prefer parachute shorts.

I’d been eying these Anglomania shorts since they came out, but the price was too steep.  Fortunately, I found them for half the price and I’m still in love.  I’ve worn them three days in a row, which seems borderline obsessive.

MM and I went on a little jaunt the other day to the aquarium.  We saw plenty of fish, but my absolute favorite were the otters and stingrays.  The rays are surprisingly cute . . . they shimmy up the side of the tank to get pets from loud children and moustache men alike.

credits: alexander wang top, t by alexander wang bra, vivienne westwood anglomania shorts, marni platform sandals

Corner Place

This year, I’ve vowed to pay my dues.  This means work, free work and home work everyday.  Moustache Man will put me in the corner if I slack off.

I put a pleated skirt under this dress, which is weird but definitely less unfortunate than an incident C and I witnessed today.  People concern me sometimes.  Anyway, we went to a vintage eyewear shop in my neighborhood and sunglasses have officially become my new addiction.  Aviators of love, you shall be mine.

credits: love yaya dress, lands end pleated skirt, marni platform sandals