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tippy toes

With the weather getting increasingly warmer, I’m gravitating towards light and sheer.  Out of my chiffon shirts, this Antipodium blouse is one of my clear favorites.  The print and distinctive collar make it extra special.

Moustache Man found me these Margiela Tabi sneaks at Wasteland a couple of weekends ago.  I rarely wear sneakers, but I just couldn’t resist these perfectly worn in high-tops.  I’m still figuring out how to wear them, but that’s half the fun!

credits: antipodium plainsman blouse, t by alexander wang bra, bdg bike shorts, margiela tabi sneaks, candice vostrejs metal cuffs

When pigs fly

This is what I wore to Fashion’s Night In.  I was a little overdressed.

I didn’t buy anything, but I did get to browse some new shops.  NOT JUST A LABEL and Young British Designers are forward thinking shops who support up and comers like Gemma Slack, Alice Palmer and Konradparol.  It’s refreshing not to see the same designers and same merchandise over and over.  As much as I admit to being a brand whore, I do get excited by new design blood.

credits: rag & bone dress, by malene birger leg warmers, mmm tabi boots, derek lam sunnies

Ms. Fat Booty

The funny thing is I don’t mind booty shorts, but I can’t wear booty skirts.  I believe it has to do with the crotch coverage of the former.

Moustache Man couldn’t make sense of my getting another pair of booty shorts.  They’re not all the same, as you know.  This high-waisted pair is special because it’s perfect for tucking in tops.  Usually, I’m not a tucker because of the sloppy un-tuck situation, but I think these shorts can pull it off.

credits: marc by marc jacobs blouse, t by alexander wang bra, 7 for all mankind booty shorts, mmm tabi boots, derek lam sunnies

Potato Sack

Wearing a potato sack/tent dress/mu mu has the following benefits:

  • >you don’t have to worry about vpl
  • >you can hide your unmentionables ie. your ‘in progress’ lady parts
  • >you can curl up on the couch in a ball of bemberg twill
  • >you can wear your tabi boots and make people wonder how human you are . . . etc., etc.

Standing here made me feel like a human chess piece.  Sometimes I don’t mind feeling lost in a sea of street lamps.

credits: rozae nichols dress, of two minds jacket, mmm tabi boots

catch me if you can

I have a feeling I’m being watched . . .

I coaxed Moustache Man to take more outdoor photos with promises of green tea chai.  It displeased him when he realized it was a hoax.

Per chance I was in Helmut Lang today and I fell head first for this drapey dress in a rusty gold.  I’ve been craving something yellow in my wardrobe since the beginning of spring.  I’ve also been craving olive, white and sequins, which isn’t even a color.  I believe all this can be remedied with some shopping.  What a brilliant diagnosis.

credits: a. ok pocket tee, t by alexander wang bra, quail trompe-l’œil leggings, mmm tabi boots