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women are from mars

Moustache Man said this is my space outfit.  If only I had thought to add those eyebrows, it would have been perfect!

As of next week, I am officially a one job woman.  I now have weekends like normal folk . . . I still can’t believe it.

C of my heart is in town this weekend and I can’t wait to spend some quality time with her.  It’s hard to stay in touch when a friend moves away, but it makes it that much more special when you find your way back together.  On tomorrow’s agenda I foresee a sweet x savoury brunch followed by a much anticipated day at the beach, and of course sharing a ciggie with some heart to heart chit chat.  Can you believe I’ve gone to the beach only once this summer??  We shall soon fix that!!  Heh, heh.

credits: asos racing stripe tunic, marlies dekkers bra, luv aj spike id bracelet, alynne lavigne vintage bracelet, hussein chalayan skirt, falke leg warmers, marni platform sandals

Working Robot

For the past few months, it’s been non-stop work in 6 day cycles, at two jobs.  But that’s going to change after this week!  I’m going to start a stint in design full-time and I’m sooooo incredibly excited.  L must have a sixth sense because she gave me a pressie perfect for my upcoming nights and weekends complete with her special L touch.  I LOVE.

I’m beginning to embrace jewelry, which is an incredible change . . . those who know me well will agree.  Something just clicked in my biological clock and decided it’s now time for me to wear rings!  And necklaces and bracelets!  I saw this Luv Aj piece and just had to grab it . . . I wish it was snag proof, but that’s just me being nit picky.

Someone should buy this.  I would, but they don’t have my size and I need to live vicariously.

credits: enza costa slit back top, marlies dekkers bra, luv aj spike id bracelet, alynne lavigne vintage bracelet, iro pants, marlies dekkers socks, ann demeulemeester boots