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My computer flatlined last weekend, so it’s been a bit difficult to get online.  After accepting all my work was lost in a metal box forever, Moustache Man decided to give it one last restart . . . . and it lives!!!  I guess Henry P just need a few days of vacay.  Phew!

Alisha Trimble’s Spring 2012 and Fall 2012 collections are markedly different but remain true to her sensibility of designing for individuals, not trend followers.  While Spring is colorful, bouncy and retro, Fall is darker with a heavy focus on textures.  As a whole, the Fall collection is closer to my aesthetic, which is why I had to be more thoughtful when styling this little onsie.  I needed coverage, but also wanted to show off the silhouette and hand painted effects.  After playing with the idea of different types of sheer skirts I circled back to this one from Made by Niki.  It wasn’t until after this photo shoot that I found out Alisha has a lingerie line of her own, Blanche DuMois inspired by Tennessee Williams’ “complex and sensual female characters.”  I guess unconsciously we were on the same wavelength.

credits: alisha trimble hand painted deco onsie, made by niki sheer secretary skirt, premiata pumps

walk the walk


Sometimes I get fixated on a particular item and need to take immediate action . . . find, buy, wear!  Most recently, I’ve been wanting a good pin-up worthy pair of garters.  After some hem-haw over a pair I found on ebay, Moustache Man took the plunge and surprised me with this pair.  They’re a 4 strap per leg suspender and a bit intense, but I think they’ll do the trick.  I like the idea of secret sex appeal.  These allow me to feel sexy without anyone knowing and that’s the way I like it.

credits: vila tie blouse, asos revive bralette, hugo boss skirt, kiss me deadly van doren suspender, premiata platform pumps, derek lam sunnies

Stella McCartney Bodysuit

Just when you think Stella McCartney could not design anything more, she pulls a fast one.  Her new lingerie collection debuted this year and is not only perfectly dainty, but also whimsically named.  Shown here is the Louise Dancing Bodysuit availble at