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Space Cadet

What Moustache Man affectionately calls me when I’m off in my own world.  The top is fitting for the nickname isn’t it?

I picked up these leather hot pants at a J Brand sample sale.  Since MM and I found a fairly abandoned photo spot, I decided to do some hot pant testing.  After some kicks, jumps, and sprints, I gave them the green light.  Can’t have these suckers splitting on me unexpectedly.  But does that even ever really happen?

I’ve got some more DIY’s on the way . . . been scouring for supplies and other fun stuff.  Can’t wait!

credits: hanii y top, j brand leather hot pants, chucks, derek lam sunnies

the ventilator

There’s no denying it.  Sewing leather is a bitch.  Can’t you tell from my expression?  Even after weeks of anticipatory planning, I ran into unexpected problems, had fist clenching frustrations and used a shocking amount of potty language.  But it all came to fruition and I’m pleased to introduce, the ventilator.

credits: xs lab the ventilator leather sheath, asos mesh bodysuit, elizabeth & james skirt, premiata pumps