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reality bites

Green is my COLOR.  Last week, I wore it in a TOP, DRESS, and had it on my NAILS.  I just J’ADORE it.  Funny enough I haven’t loved the color for a long time now.  I guess it’s just proof that all love comes and goes, and every so often comes BACK.

credits: asos peplum top, pencey bike shorts, ld tuttle the creature

dark cloud

After a hot, hot summerrrrr stretching into fall and winter, we’re finally starting to feel a chill.  I pulled out my cozy socks and Alex Wang circle scarf  for the day’s festivities.  Hopefully into this week, I’ll start breaking out my coats and beanies.  Yummy, cozy weather perfect for snuggles.

credits: alexander wang circle scarf, alexander wang rib tunic, bdg bike shorts, untitled socks, ld tuttle the shifter

the hero

ld tuttle / fall 2012

Tiffany and the Team Tuttle were kind enough to let me visit the studio to preview their Fall 2012 collection.  This season’s chock full of everything from feathers, suede carpet prints and new heel shapes.  But rest assured, classics like the shaper and the stack will return while fresh new takes, like a short version of the shifter, make their debut.  It’s an exciting collection that will most likely tempt LD fans with more than a just few pairs.  I know I’m definitely going to have some trouble deciding!

well, howdy

This pleated chiffon scrap had been sitting in my pile of to be continued . . . projects for a few weeks now.  I knew what I wanted to make, but needed to let the idea stew for a bit.  I was inspired by my unconditional skirt trousers from a while back.  Even though they’re my favorite trousers, I found myself craving something that was a little more versatile, something I could wear over dresses, skirts, pants and of course tuck my revolver into.

credits: xs lab gunslinger belt, enza costa tank dress, marlies dekkers bra,  ld tuttle the creature, derek lam sunnies


Sometimes, an accident is happy.  After multiple tests of some $12 Goodwill denim, I played my hand at a Shibori dyeing technique with some high-wasisted BDGs.  They didn’t turn out exactly as I was expecting, but after some wearing in, they’ve won me over.  A hip girl child inspired me to do some distressing at the knees and the bdg x xs lab rorschach skinny was born.

Moustache Man remarked that I’ve been feeling very denimmy lately.  I agree.  I just can’t get enough of denim and the endless DIY possibilities.  For a step by step Shibori guide check out honestly wtf.  For some ideas, help or inspiration check out denim refinery.  They’re both finds that were another one of those happy accidents.

credits: enza costa racer tank, bdg x xs lab roarshach skinny, ld tuttle the clear pipe, candice vostrejs metal cuffs