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awesome twosome

Merry Christmas folks.

Moustache Man and I celebrated a low-key holiday . . . swaddled in blankets on the couch watching as many Christmas movies and eating as much candy/savouries as we could stomach. We’ll probably do New Year’s in a similar fashion.  That’s just how we roll.

credits: asos bodysuit, one tithl knit top, lamb skirt, falke legwarmers, ann demeulemeester boots, sparkle fuck ring

Black Friday

black fridayblack friday

I’ve missed out on Thanksgiving because of food poisoning.  But that won’t keep me from a little online browsing.  Happy shopping everyone!

credits: RN Convertible dress, Rose Chase Me Bolero vest, LAMB skirt, LD Tuttle The Shaper


blinders blinders blinders blinders

I’ve got my blinders on.  For the past week, Moustache Man and I have been searching for a new place.  Exciting, but very stressful!  We were intent on staying in the old neighborhood, but have a new location in our sights.  Thus, the blinders.  But I’m not too worried; Moustache Man has a penchant for online scavenging.  He found these jeans for me when I was looking for some grey skinnies.  I love the grommets, textured inseam and the way the zippers jangle when I walk.  Wish us luck!

credits: L.A.M.B. top, Hellz Bellz jeans, Camper wedges