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cleansing cream

Morning post with some K-pop accompaniment.  That certainly deserves a coffee/cigarette break no?

Making things inside out is genius, whether it’s Margiela or Ksubi or well, just say your average blogger girl.  They don’t have Vogue patterns for that shit.

credits: ksubi inside out playsuit, derek lam mirte sandals

Prepare for battle

ksubi s12 w.a.r.

I’ve always been a loyal follower of Ksubi eyewear, but have yet to find the right pair for my moon-pie face.  Moustache Man recently got a pair, so I’ll have to be content living vicariously.  He looks so awesome wearing his new sunnies, people call him ‘Cool Breeze.’

leaves are pretty

For some reason the imminent fall makes me think of saturated pastels in yummy primary kolor.


I thought that my knuckle ring was lost forever, but C found it for me in the bathroom.  I was so excited I gave him a big hug.  The only thing is,  I’m so afraid of losing it I hardly wear it anymore.

I’ve been on a t-shirt/tank hunt lately because I need to stock up on some basics.  Moustache Man found this one for me at Shopbop.    I think one of the main reasons he likes it is because of the name.  Those cheeky Australians.

credits: ksubi devore tits tee, acne skirt, y-3 cutout wedge, asos knuckle ring

Book Smarts

Aren’t these photos just beautiful?  I found them while browsing Ksubi’s archaic website.  The brand, pronounced ‘soobie,’ was conceived by 4 Australian surfer dudes 10 years ago.  They’re known for being up to no good and that’s probably what kick-started their success.  Wouldn’t 300 live rats loose at a fashion show get your attention?  What amazes me the most is their non-existent design background.  Like the Rag & Bone guys, they started a line because they couldn’t find clothes (specifically jeans) that fit the way they wanted.  So banding together in their garage/design studio, they began to create and sew clothes that they knew looked like crap.  Hence, the rats.  In a Malibu Magazine interview, George Gorrow, one of the Ksubi founders said, “No one even saw the clothes, which was great because they were terrible.”

Fortunately, they don’t need the rat cover anymore because their jeans are pretty rad.  I own this pair and want this pair.

credits: ksubi eyewear 2009