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Electric Danse

electric danse

electric danse

electric danse

electric danse

Many things can inspire you .  A person, a city, a photograph . . . maybe even a microwave.

It simply began because my microwave broke down.  There it sat, in front of my doorway, a metal box eyesore.  Until it sparked an idea, which led to some creating, which resulted in this post.

Amazing, if you stop and think about it.

If you open your eyes, who knows what you’ll see.

And if you stop watching Korean dramas all day, who knows what you’ll create.

credits: asos boudoir set, kiss me deadly garters, untitled thigh-highs, premiata pumps, samsung microwave


tug of war

I’ve been feeling peplumy . . . my latest craving is a skirt pant.  Until I find the one, I guess I’ll have to improvise.  Victoria Bartlett would be so proud.

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credits: kimberly ovitz top, kiss me deadly van doren suspender, rick owens lilies dress, marsèll boots