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Moustache Man and I hit up the beach yesterday.  It was overcast and chilly, but still beautiful to be by the water and lay in the sand.  MM calls this my Frankenkini.  A bit of Marlies, dash of Zimmermann and pinch of Minimale Animale to spice up your life.

I just discovered Minimale Animale, which may start a new unhealthy shopping addiction.  The unique styles have flattering cuts and cleverly naming them after super models allows you to embody the magical sexual prowress of said SUPER.  Designer/Stylist  Cassandra Kellogg sums up the swimwear line in these words: “The collection is for confident, young-at heart women who aren’t afraid of wearing something striking, and also for those who embrace their natural beauty and are comfortable in their own skin.”

credits: minimale animale the christy brinkley white mesh, marlies dekkers gloria bra, zimmermann billow loop knot bikini bottom, jnby hooded poncho, derek lam sunnies

White Stripes


JNBY, Just Naturally Be Yourself, is a line based in Hangzhou, China.  The pieces have a fluid and easy nature, but also maintain a structural sense that keeps things interesting.  I love wearing garments that people want to look at and examine . . . it just shows how much love went into making it.

C over at Brigadeiro is having a giveaway . . . I got picked for her last one and it was a doozy . . . go on check it out!

credits: jnby hooded poncho, pencey leggings, ann demeulemeester wedge boots



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