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I had a ball shopping in Korea.  There is such a plethora of neighborhoods, boutiques and independent designers that it makes it difficult to edit your purchases.  Not to mention that the prices are fair and quality quite good.  I picked up this equestrian cap and houndstoothy skirt at a local boutique and they’ve been my go-to pieces ever since I got back.

Moustache Man and I grabbed a New Year’s Eve lunch at Electric Karma.  It’s the type of place where you sit cross legged on silk pillows, the smell of spices and sounds of Bollywood over powering the senses.

credits: made in korea equestrian cap, asos crop tank, vintage leather jacket, made in korea houndstooth flare mini, jil sander oxfords, derek lam bag, bcbg sunnies


Classics with a twist.  Although I may stray from my minimal aesthetic towards cheeky spiritedness, I always seem to find my way back.  This is home.

credits: asos crop shirt, fredricks of hollywood corset, nasty gal peplum trousers, jil sander oxfords

Mime Girl

Just came back from KOREA!  I had a wonderful time, ate delicious foods, browsed some cheeky shops, but most importantly made some unforgettable memories with FAMILY.  Will post PHOTOS of the experience SOON.  In the meantime, please enjoy some non-mime like poses from the MIME GIRL.

credits: asos crop shirt, fredricks of hollywood corset, nasty gal peplum trousers, jil sander oxfords

technical difficulties

I think it’s your carburetor.

Moustache Man calls this my mechanic suit.  Funnily enough, it makes me think more of Elvis even though his jumpsuits are of a different nature.

The best thing about working in fashion is getting to take home samples.  I picked this jumpsuit out of the giveaway box.  It was a couple sizes too big, but after a few nips, tucks and dandy vintage buttons I’ve made it my own.  I think it’s the most loose fitting thing in my closet.  It’ll take some getting used to especially because I have an immense aversion to wearing clothes that are too big (I mean without any purpose).  I attribute it to my mom buying me XXL clothes when I was a kid.  I mean how much growing could a 9-year-old possibly do??

credits: enza costa chambray jumpsuit, jil sander oxfords, dragneva ring, nervous system ring, sparkle fuck ring

half way

Every guy and girl needs a good skirt trouser.  There’s something so perfectly androgynous about the combination.  No one makes them like J.W. Anderson, but this pair has become my favorite bottoms of the moment.

credtis: t by alexander wang tank, marlies dekkers bra, unconditional skirt trousers, jil sander oxfords