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the city

Hullo there, I’ve waited to see you for a long time.

Going on a vacay, so I pulled some images that make me think of the city.  It’s going to be freakin’ awesome.  Vacation hard on five. SLAP!

I got some great, meaty comments my last post.  Whenever I set into a blogger’s malaise caused by bloggeroos complimenting my dress, which is really a shirt and a pair of pants, I need feedback letting me know people care to read what dkfjsdljakjsiewoewoiuldjfa I’m writing.  Thanks.

for more inspiration check out some pinteresting pics.


Imagine that moment right before falling . . . so free.

weiferd watts

Bruna’s hot bod.

flare magazine  july 2012 / heat seekerchris nicholls

Boyfriend shorts indeed.

chadwick tyler

Perfectly tousled.

french glamour september 1994 / juste une envie /paolo roversi

I’ve been loving pinterest.  It allows me to organize my inspiration boards without getting overwhelmed by piles of tears.  Plus, I don’t have to worry about losing/forgetting about any amazing photos.  These are just a few of my favorite diddies pulled from my boards.  Do you guys pin?  Please share your links!  Also, it’d be so dandy if you visited and followed my PINTEREST.

wild hearts

1955 horse diver / getty images

Girl Ghosts / Eleanor Hardwick

AnOther Magazine / Making Waves / Issue 21

Dauling Girl



Dazed & Confused / Katsuya Kamo / December 2008

i-D Magazine / Dirty Diana / September 2009

10 Magazine / Fall/Winter 2009


What a perfect muse for all this drapey, strappy madness.

credits: anja schwerbrock