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Spider Web

spider webspider webspider web

Chictopia has woven its web and I am caught in a Style Icon showdown.  Battling shoe warriors aside, the competitive spirit has been the perfect provocation to step outside of my grey concrete box.  Urbanity here I come, dodging cars and gawkers, posing and not posing.  I’m just a tourist, pay me no heed.

credits: Nuj Novakhett dress, Rose Chase Me vest, Wolford Moulin Rouge tights, Hugo Boss boots

Barolo Three

barolo threebarolo threebarolo three

I rediscovered this Eksempel dress and love it.  The over-sized sleeves and hanging yoke make it a real piece of work.  I dubbed it the cossack and have a penchant for doing kick dances when I wear it.  All hilarious mental pictures aside, the Eksempel Spring Collection is quite lovely.  My fav is shirt dress 36G.

P.S. Gumshoe Shini, you’ve cracked the case.  As Wolford heir, I am on a secret campaign to convince all to wear Wolfords.  Is it working?

credits: Eksempel blouse, Rachel Comey double buckle belt, Wolford barolo tights, Hugo Boss boots

Barolo Two

barolo twobarolo twobarolo twobarolo twobarolo two

Check out that come hither stare in the last photo.  That’s for my Rachel Comey double buckle belt.  I’m officially swooning and cinching everything in sight.  I love how it gives this dress shape and keeps my (ahem) lady parts in check.  I found this dress at Metro Park.  The dress is still a favorite, but the store has fallen through the cracks.  Webshops have made it impossible for me to shop like normal folk!

credits: Taylor & Hyde dress, Rachel Comey double buckle belt, Wolford barolo tights, Hugo Boss boots

Barolo One

barolo onebarolo onebarolo onebarolo one

I was playing with different outfits yesterday and discovered that the Wolford barolo tights + Hugo Boss boots combo compliment many an ensemble.  So I kept with the flow.  This look is one out of three.  I love how the robin blue plays off the barolo, like a bowl of mixed berries.

On an aside, I’ve been featured by the blog!  This webshop has fantastic photos and a sharp style sense.  It’s quickly become one of my favorite online stores.  Go on, give it a click.

credits: Miss Sixty sweater dress, Wolford barolo tights, Hugo Boss boots

Blue Devil

blue devilblue devil

blue devilblue devil

With the onslaught of casual outfit postings, I thought this look would mix things up.  I’ve had this dress forever, but only worn it twice.  The contrarian reason being that I feel sexy wearing it, but too sexy to wear it out.  So the time has come for the blue devil dress and me to part.  I hope someone can give it a good home.   Buy it here.  PS. I’ve been featured by the lovely El Beso.  Pop by her colorful blog for a little smooch.

credits: no name dress, Hugo Boss boots, vintage Renoir necklace