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not starbucks

Was out and about last weekend when Moustache Man spotted this killer alley.  You’ll know how much I like to hide out in alleys.

Been feeling my Chucks lately, so I picked up a pair of high tops at the Converse Outlet.  My latest project is scouring Ebay for vintage dresses to wear with them.  Afterall, how else am I going to break these guys in?

credits: hugo boss shirt, miss selfridges pinafore, haute hippie knit blazer, chucks, rayban wayfarers


fun dip

My latest dyeing project fared much better than my last.  Since I was working with cotton, it was a less toxic and trying process.  I’ve always loved ombre, so with internet resources as my guide, I was off into the kitchen.  Making a dye bath is really like cooking soup.  You add a dash of this (color) and that (water, salt, white vinegar) and voila!  Lemon/lime ombre.  So delicious.

credits: t by alexander wang tank, hugo boss x xs lab bustier dress, ld tuttle the clear pipe

walk the walk


Sometimes I get fixated on a particular item and need to take immediate action . . . find, buy, wear!  Most recently, I’ve been wanting a good pin-up worthy pair of garters.  After some hem-haw over a pair I found on ebay, Moustache Man took the plunge and surprised me with this pair.  They’re a 4 strap per leg suspender and a bit intense, but I think they’ll do the trick.  I like the idea of secret sex appeal.  These allow me to feel sexy without anyone knowing and that’s the way I like it.

credits: vila tie blouse, asos revive bralette, hugo boss skirt, kiss me deadly van doren suspender, premiata platform pumps, derek lam sunnies

disappearing act

Something I’m very good at.

I’ve been preoccupied with my final project for my fashion sketching class.  I usually draw impatiently with lines in all the wrong places, so I’ve been trying extra hard to take my time and pay attention.  Well, that plus an obsessive personality equals trouble.  BIG trouble.  I’ve come to the conclusion that fashion croquis can cause more damage to a girl’s self esteem than any fashion model.  The avatar-esque proportions are ridiculous, but beautiful.  You can’t help but think, “Why aren’t my legs 6 heads long?!  Why isn’t my waist 3/4 head wide?!”  Because it just isn’t right.

The project is at a standstill as of the moment.  I put on my Junya dress for inspiration.  It’s a piece of artwork and I feel like a million bucks when I wear it.  Maybe I should wear it while I sketch?

credits: comme de garconne junya watanabe dress, hugo boss booties

Buttah Leathah

buttah leathahbuttah leathahbuttah leathahbuttah leathah

It was my last sewing class Saturday and I’m going to miss it.  But at least I have some souvenirs.  This is project #3, a leather skirt.  It has ribbed knit side panels (an unworthy nod to Rick Owens), an exposed zipper, and (accidental) irregular hem, hence the slip showeth underneath.  There were definitely some frustrating and frantic moments with my seam ripper, but I am really excited with the result.  My zipper skills and darts (the obstinate puckering!) could use some work.  But now armed with a pattern and basic construction knowledge, I can try my hand at getting better.  Meanwhile, I have a new found love . . . leathah.  Remember Stella from Project Runway?

credits: diy leather skirt, Hugo Boss shirt, Rose Chase Me vest, Spanx tights, Cocobelle sandals