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you’ve got spirit

you've got spirityou've got spirit

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Why not smile

I’d like to share my new mantra with y’all.  Ironically there isn’t even a smirk in the pics, but trust that I’m smiling on the inside.

The blog has been a yawn fest so I decided to take a little field trip.  Moustache Man came along for the adventure and green tea chai.  It tastes like liquid green tea ice cream.

I wish I could have gone to Marfa with the BuyDefinition gals, but alas.  I will live vicariously through Marfa Lites.

credits: t by alex wang bra, t by alex wang rib tank, life with bird why not smile skirt, hansel from basel socks, rachel comey penpal boots, derek lam sunnies

French Noir

I first saw Hansel from Basel on UO and was intrigued by these kneepad tights.  They were on sale but I never got them because I was trying to “economize.”  Silly girl. Fortunately, I’ve been seeing the brand all over online shops and found these pair of over the knees at lambs ear.  I think the ways to style them will be endless!  Check out La Garconne’s Le Magazine for some great examples/ideas.  Over the knees can be tricky because of how high they hit on the leg, but it’s nothing a little scrunch or two can’t fix.

P was furious when I used his books for photo props.  He considers himself a serious intellectual and can be quite guarded about his literature.  We’ve since patched things up.  The books came into play because I was cranky from cramps and not feeling it.  I think it helped pep me up because of how difficult it was to keep the books from flying off my head (especially when spinning).

credits: vintage stripe tee, pencey accordion dress, hansel from basel silk rib over the knee socks, ld tuttle the creature