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walk the walk


Sometimes I get fixated on a particular item and need to take immediate action . . . find, buy, wear!  Most recently, I’ve been wanting a good pin-up worthy pair of garters.  After some hem-haw over a pair I found on ebay, Moustache Man took the plunge and surprised me with this pair.  They’re a 4 strap per leg suspender and a bit intense, but I think they’ll do the trick.  I like the idea of secret sex appeal.  These allow me to feel sexy without anyone knowing and that’s the way I like it.

credits: vila tie blouse, asos revive bralette, hugo boss skirt, kiss me deadly van doren suspender, premiata platform pumps, derek lam sunnies


My eyes are open.  But I can’t see you.

I got the idea to grid my face from The Row’s sunglasses lookbook.  Pretty darn amazing.

I’m so looking forward to Christmas.  Not just for the usual presents under the tree, but for the peace and quiet.  It’s been non-stop work, friends and family (issues), which makes me want to hole up with Moustache Man in the APT and never come out.  Olly, olly, oxen free won’t work on me.

There’s some new stuff in the shop and more to come.  Ch, ch, check it out.

credits: natalie encarnitas dress, marni platform sandals