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Flashback: Wine Country

wine country

Santa Baby squeezed down the chimney to drop off this Opening Ceremony Safari dress.  I adore the Merlot shade and wore it with my DIY two-tone tights (via layering knee socks over some Wolfords).  It’s on mega sale at New YOAK.  Why don’t you pop by for a look?

Kudos Mr. Lim

Speaking of Phillip Lim, here’s a look that is strictly 3.1.  I fell in love with this rosebud turtleneck and matched it with his umbrella skirt.  If you like what you see, you can view more pics.

Jamison Jones Dress

Remember this Jamison Jones dress I posted as a novice bloggie?  If you love it as much as I do, you’re in luck.  It’s on sale at Tobi for a fraction of the price, $56 to be exact.  Get clicking!

Metallic Tank Dress

Clean up an old penny and it will shine like new.  This lovely metallic number is passe in season, but still a delight to wear.  A perfect pick for playing holiday dress-up, the D&G Metallic Tank dress is gold flecked with black contrast details.  Accentuating an hourglass silhouette with a high waisted paper-bag skirt, this open-backed frock is still tasteful and classy.  To fulfill the overall metallurgy, pair this dress with some silver strappy heels.  It may be unexpected, but paring down the hues with a black clutch will complete the look.  Care to share your party plans?  What lovely things do you plan to wear?