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after haircut



Annenburg  Space for Photography

June 29 – September 8

white lines

Moustache Man said I never smile in my photos, so I hammed it up for him.  If he had to choose between me smelling like ham or trash he said he’d much prefer ham.

credits: rehab empty placket shirt, vpl turtle skirt, wacoal bra, premiata pumps

drink me, eat me

Wonderland Alice’s ‘drink me’ potion and ‘eat me’ cake would come in pretty handy. I’d give my ‘drink me’ potion to Moustache Man so he could play Polly Pocket and hang out with me at work without anyone knowing.  It would be our little secret.

I haven’t narrowed it down on how I’d use the ‘eat me’ cake, but here are a few options:

-give a good ass kick to some mean people

-save the world

-cross a broken bridge

-check out the clouds (I think it might be like eating fluffy snow)

-travel (I much prefer walking to flying)

-give tall girl hugs (WINNER!)

credits: twenty8twelve tank, alice + olivia skirt, premiata pumps

dark cloud

After a hot, hot summerrrrr stretching into fall and winter, we’re finally starting to feel a chill.  I pulled out my cozy socks and Alex Wang circle scarf  for the day’s festivities.  Hopefully into this week, I’ll start breaking out my coats and beanies.  Yummy, cozy weather perfect for snuggles.

credits: alexander wang circle scarf, alexander wang rib tunic, bdg bike shorts, untitled socks, ld tuttle the shifter

the city

Hullo there, I’ve waited to see you for a long time.

Going on a vacay, so I pulled some images that make me think of the city.  It’s going to be freakin’ awesome.  Vacation hard on five. SLAP!

I got some great, meaty comments my last post.  Whenever I set into a blogger’s malaise caused by bloggeroos complimenting my dress, which is really a shirt and a pair of pants, I need feedback letting me know people care to read what dkfjsdljakjsiewoewoiuldjfa I’m writing.  Thanks.

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