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pinch me

Sports have never been my thing.  (What’s the point if you can hit the ball, but can’t catch it?)  I have, however, been googly-eyed over the recent sporty looks I’ve seen.  Racer tanks, sports bras and sweats have never been so coveted.

I’ve been more open to adding brights and prints into my wardrobe.  Might as well have a little fun right?  Lately, I’ve been obsessing (a little unhealthily) over neon yellow.  I missed out on the perfect slip dress in the shade, but I’m consoling myself with the thought of my latest purchase.

credits: t by alexander wang bra, enza costa bold racer tunic, hussein chalayan skirt, falke socks, marni platform sandals

alley cat

This dress would have been perfect for my prom.  I don’t usually wear prints, but I’ve become fond of trompe-l’oeil . . . especially when it’s as clever as this one.  Central Saint Martins grads James Woolfin and Yvette White, expertly make ‘deceit of the eye’ graphic using black and white prints and experimenting with imperfect textures.  A loose thread or an open zipper may not be ideal in reality, but in a photographic form becomes art.

Moustache Man and I found a gem of a photo op with several shot possibilities.  Of course we were crestfallen when security came and busted us.  Private property, schmoperty.

credits: insideout prom dress, falke socks, marsèll boots

awesome twosome

Merry Christmas folks.

Moustache Man and I celebrated a low-key holiday . . . swaddled in blankets on the couch watching as many Christmas movies and eating as much candy/savouries as we could stomach. We’ll probably do New Year’s in a similar fashion.  That’s just how we roll.

credits: asos bodysuit, one tithl knit top, lamb skirt, falke legwarmers, ann demeulemeester boots, sparkle fuck ring

women are from mars

Moustache Man said this is my space outfit.  If only I had thought to add those eyebrows, it would have been perfect!

As of next week, I am officially a one job woman.  I now have weekends like normal folk . . . I still can’t believe it.

C of my heart is in town this weekend and I can’t wait to spend some quality time with her.  It’s hard to stay in touch when a friend moves away, but it makes it that much more special when you find your way back together.  On tomorrow’s agenda I foresee a sweet x savoury brunch followed by a much anticipated day at the beach, and of course sharing a ciggie with some heart to heart chit chat.  Can you believe I’ve gone to the beach only once this summer??  We shall soon fix that!!  Heh, heh.

credits: asos racing stripe tunic, marlies dekkers bra, luv aj spike id bracelet, alynne lavigne vintage bracelet, hussein chalayan skirt, falke leg warmers, marni platform sandals

Neutral Territory

I got this Mike & Chris dress at a sample sale ages ago.  It’s reminiscent of Lauren Hutton’s style circa the 70’s, no?  I was pretty bummed when the placket ripped off, but the sample maker at work fixed it up like brand new.  P says it pays to have connections.

This messenger is my first new bag in years.  I absolutely love how I haven’t seen anyone else wearing one.  It’s all mine . . . hmph!

Off to take a mini break to see my long lost Austin girls.  I’m excited and nervous, but mostly excited!

credits: mike & chris shirt dress, falke legwarmers, reed krakoff sandals, theysken’s theory messenger