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shake it out

Fall is here?   It seemed so until this weekend.  Not that I don’t LOVE me some CALIFORNIA SUN.

This ASOS collar is awesome, but I strongly feel that it needs WEIGHTS.  It has a mind of it’s own when you’re wearing it and I just don’t have the PATIENCE for that.  This post is an ode to my love of SOCKS, especially when paired with some sort of heel.  Moustache Man and I went on a little Topshop browseroo and I found some very CHEEKY wears for my feet.  I’ll share them with you SOON!

credits: equipment houndstooth shirt, asos leather collar, bird by juicy bustle skirt, asos socks, premiata pumps

Elephant Revival

L left little notes in a book she gave me and I knew this was the perfect time to share this one:

“Considered a rebellious garment associated with anti-war sympathizers, bellbottoms were shut out of many stores in their early years. Desperate for the style, teens took to creating their own bellbottom jeans. By slicing open the outer side seam to about knee height, you could insert a triangular addition, a gusset, into the side seam and create your own belled denim jean. This alteration created another craze, and bellbottoms ballooned out with fabric gussets of velvet or Indian batik, or even more denim. These outrageous widths were known as elephant bells. The ‘bell’ evolved into the late 70’s flares, and experienced a revival in the 90’s both as a retro fashion and as a modern update with the big bells of the rave culture. 

But sorry, Navy men, your splashy uniform no longer includes these functional, stylish pants.” 

credits: equipment houndstooth blouse, t by alexander wang bra, j brand black cherry martini flare, marsèll boots

Smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee

Something I’d really like to be doing right now.  Goddamn cough.

Moustache Man and I had been eyeing this Equipment houndstooth shirt forever.  Luckily, MM found it on sale at Saks.  Score.

These pants are out of character for me, but I love that about them.  In related news, I think I’m having a mid-style crisis.  My body not only craves sequins (matte, I haven’t completely lost touch with myself), but fur.  FUR!  I feel like I have a baby Olsen growing inside me.

credits: equipment gran torino blouse, opening ceremony bustier, y-3 twill baggy pant, y-3 cush wedge, derek lam sunnies