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the ventilator

There’s no denying it.  Sewing leather is a bitch.  Can’t you tell from my expression?  Even after weeks of anticipatory planning, I ran into unexpected problems, had fist clenching frustrations and used a shocking amount of potty language.  But it all came to fruition and I’m pleased to introduce, the ventilator.

credits: xs lab the ventilator leather sheath, asos mesh bodysuit, elizabeth & james skirt, premiata pumps

For fuck’s sake

Sometimes Moustache Man and I have creative differences, like over these photos.  In such a case we battle it out with words.  If a stalemate ensues, then we forfeit to a wrassle.  I’m pretty scrappy, but MM caught me in a camel clutch and I was helpless.  Damn you and your agile moves MM!  I will get you next time . . .

J left a comment informing me that my army surplus belt thingy is in fact a pair of spats buckled together.  [J click here!]  MM and I had a severe “DOH!” moment and were embarrassed.  It all makes so much sense now!  So today I took the spats out for a taco eating trip and man, I felt indestructible.  Who knew cankle boots possessed such power?  Muhahahahahah . . .

credits: diy skeletor suit, equaline bandages, elizabeth and james skirt, ann demeulemeester boots

Chubby Skeleton

This shoot came together after a week of sitting on the idea and the inspiration.  I’ve always been hesitant to do diy’s because I don’t want it to just look like a shitty version of the original.  I think what helps me is not to focus on spitting out an exact copy, but trying to (as cheesy as it sounds) put some of me into it.  So here is my prototype of the skeletor suit.  I say prototype because I have kinks to work out and I like it so much it’s worth perfecting.  The suit is a compilation of a bodysuit and iron-on-transfers.  Oh, how I envy those who have the luxury of screen printing!

The black lip is inpired by YSL Fall 2008.  You ain’t no fool.  And no, it isn’t the limited addition (those marketing fiends!) YSL Pure Lip Gloss #49.  I’m actually wearing eyeliner, which is kinda gross considering it might be going on my eyes later.  I guess I can use the bandages to clean myself up if I end up getting a nasty infection.  Or an eye patch.  Yes, definitely an eye patch.

credits: diy skeletor suit, equaline bandages, elizabeth and james skirt, ann demeulemeester boots

Sour Grapes

sour grapessour grapessour grapessour grapes

As a kid, I got hooked on a random Strawberry Shortcake movie.  Thinking back it was a peculiar cartoon, with different shortcake friends bobbing their oversized heads and playing guitars.  This of course was after a fairy came and made their hair grow.  In the end, the antagonist (a purple fellow the shade of my top) was destroyed by the titillated follicles.  I was an odd little thing.

I finally found a belt that’s a keeper and have been experimenting with different methods of wear.  I usually stray away from voluminous silhouettes, but using the belt cinches the waist and allows the top to flow into the lines of the skirt.  Sometimes volume is a good thing.

credits: Rachel Comey top, Rachel Comey double buckle belt, Elizabeth & James skirt, Spanx tights, Rick Owens motorcycle jacket, Rachel Comey Penpal boots

Cosmic Dancer

cosmic dancercosmic dancercosmic dancercosmic dancer

These VPL doubly thigh-highs exemplify another legwear challenge I could not refuse.  Admiring a fantastic piece off the runway is quite different from trying to wear it in your everyday life.  But this fact rarely deters my click happy habits.  My first attempt to create an outfit around these thigh-highs resulted in a black heavy outfit.  This time around, I wanted to concoct a light-hearted ensemble that would better show off the two-tone effect.  The result is an ode to my balletic roots down to the ties hanging around my neck.  Btw, have you seen the recent Barneys catalogue?  The styling/makeup is extremely well done.

credits: Humanoid shirt, Elizabeth & James skirt, VPL doubly thigh-highs, Cole Haan pumps