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well, howdy

This pleated chiffon scrap had been sitting in my pile of to be continued . . . projects for a few weeks now.  I knew what I wanted to make, but needed to let the idea stew for a bit.  I was inspired by my unconditional skirt trousers from a while back.  Even though they’re my favorite trousers, I found myself craving something that was a little more versatile, something I could wear over dresses, skirts, pants and of course tuck my revolver into.

credits: xs lab gunslinger belt, enza costa tank dress, marlies dekkers bra,  ld tuttle the creature, derek lam sunnies

Space Cadet

What Moustache Man affectionately calls me when I’m off in my own world.  The top is fitting for the nickname isn’t it?

I picked up these leather hot pants at a J Brand sample sale.  Since MM and I found a fairly abandoned photo spot, I decided to do some hot pant testing.  After some kicks, jumps, and sprints, I gave them the green light.  Can’t have these suckers splitting on me unexpectedly.  But does that even ever really happen?

I’ve got some more DIY’s on the way . . . been scouring for supplies and other fun stuff.  Can’t wait!

credits: hanii y top, j brand leather hot pants, chucks, derek lam sunnies

déjà vu

Moustache Man and I had a full morning, literally.  With our bellies filled with breakfast burritos and Chick-fil-A, we took to the streets on a shopping jaunt.  MM is quite dandy at finding things.  When I came out of the dressing room empty handed, he was waiting with a pair of tabi sneaks . . . he said he just knew they were for me.  Well, I couldn’t argue with that!

credits: xs lab the ventilator leather sheath, rick owens lilies dress, reed krakoff sandals

walk the walk


Sometimes I get fixated on a particular item and need to take immediate action . . . find, buy, wear!  Most recently, I’ve been wanting a good pin-up worthy pair of garters.  After some hem-haw over a pair I found on ebay, Moustache Man took the plunge and surprised me with this pair.  They’re a 4 strap per leg suspender and a bit intense, but I think they’ll do the trick.  I like the idea of secret sex appeal.  These allow me to feel sexy without anyone knowing and that’s the way I like it.

credits: vila tie blouse, asos revive bralette, hugo boss skirt, kiss me deadly van doren suspender, premiata platform pumps, derek lam sunnies

Prairie Nowhere

This was the best Moustache Man and I could find.

We spent New Year’s Eve on the ice, hanging on to each other as little children and ex-hockey dads whipped by us.  I absolutely loved it and MM absolutely hated it.

This is a non-typical dress for me and I find that aspect most intriguing.  It feels like a vintage silhouette, but remains modern with it’s simplicity and clean details.  I also love the way it moves . . . walking down the stairs or even down the street is like an event.

credits: antipodium like a prairie dress, jil sander oxfords, derek lam sunnies