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Ribcage was a look styled tight on the top and loose at the bottom.  Here’s the reverse.  When I first wanted to make a leather skirt, Moustache Man was doubtful.  “Won’t it look like a Whitesnake video?”  I didn”t even know what that meant.  But I made it anyway and the fact that I’ve worn it more than five times is quite a feat.  As for you similarly non pop-cultured folks, a Whitesnake video = long haired singer + sexy girl in mini.  Well, what’s wrong with that (except for the long haired singer)?

credits: diy leather skirt, 3.1 Phillip Lim bow shirt, Cole Haan pumps

Off Balance

off balanceoff balanceoff balanceoff balance

Just got back from a wedding in Florida.  A bit of sun, familial bonding and delicious eats made it the best trip ever.  Weddings always make me a bit teary-eyed much to my embarrassment.  I’m the same way with movies.  I cried at the end of Jack (Robin Williams plays a kid that pro-generately ages, you can guess the ending) and my mom caught me in the act only to laugh.  Ha, ha, ha.  It only proves that I’m not dead inside.  Man on Wire inspired me to attempt new heights by balancing on this narrow concrete slab while making sultry (surly?) faces for the camera.  The sun helps me do this via squinty eye-effect.

credits: hanes boy beater, Mike & Chris shorts, Cole Haan wedges, Kolos Designs beetle bangle

Out of the Office

out of the officeout of the office
out of the officeout of the office

I’ve been “out of the office” so to speak, distracted by various developments (including a new internship!), but it’s good to be back.  The kitchen cupboard is where I keep items I’ve lost interest in or don’t wear very often.  I found this Club Monaco skirt out of that pile and set up a challenge to create a business versus casual look. The skirt is a sleek, but overtly professional piece only needing a crisp white shirt and structured bag to give corporate appeal.  With the casual outfit, I perpetrated a realistic situation using the items actually worn to “the office”.  The result was a change of pumps to sandals and an unbuttoned shirt worn in cardigan fashion.  I see myself more in the laid back look.  What about you?

credits: Prada glasses, Express shirt, Club Monaco skirt, Cole Haan pumps, Furla bag/Express shirt, Club Monaco skirt, Cocobelle sandals

Cosmic Dancer

cosmic dancercosmic dancercosmic dancercosmic dancer

These VPL doubly thigh-highs exemplify another legwear challenge I could not refuse.  Admiring a fantastic piece off the runway is quite different from trying to wear it in your everyday life.  But this fact rarely deters my click happy habits.  My first attempt to create an outfit around these thigh-highs resulted in a black heavy outfit.  This time around, I wanted to concoct a light-hearted ensemble that would better show off the two-tone effect.  The result is an ode to my balletic roots down to the ties hanging around my neck.  Btw, have you seen the recent Barneys catalogue?  The styling/makeup is extremely well done.

credits: Humanoid shirt, Elizabeth & James skirt, VPL doubly thigh-highs, Cole Haan pumps

Shady Lady

shady ladyshady lady

shady ladyshady lady

My Wolfords have served me well and I had no doubt that these Shade tights would follow suit.  Unfortunately, they proved to be an obstinate accessory.  First, they were a size too big.  (If you plan to purchase these I’d recommend sizing down).  With the waistband up to my chest, the problem was solved.  Second, the front plane split of the two “shades” increased my potential of looking like a harlequin.  So I reused a maneuver from City Safari and layered the tights with some black knee socks.  I know black is an easy choice  for the outfit but I’ve chosen interesting pieces to appease.

Credits: Rose Chase Me vest, Richard Tyler vintage skirt, no name socks, Wolford Shade tights, Cole Haan pumps