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Tape is sticky

Just in case you didn’t know.

Moustache Man and I have been revamping the site.  It’s probably past due and I’m happy with the results.  Still, it’s surprising that I was open to the change because I like familiarity.  Ordering chicken mole at every Mexican restaurant, listening to Al Green for months and sleeping in my homely, tattered night dress (MM is not a fan) are just a few of these tendencies.

What really sparked the site change was a project I’ve been working on for the next post.  It requires more width than my format originally allowed, so MM messed with the html and voilà, a brand new layout.  Now that I’ve picked up blogging again, I appreciate how much freedom it allows.  It’s a totalitarian rule and what I say goes.  Awesome.

credits: kimberly ovitz crop top, hanii y top, club monaco tuxedo pants, cheap monday duct tape tights, ld tuttle the creature

Sewer Rat

sewer ratsewer ratsewer rat

Are you a night owl or an early bird?  I go back and forth, as you can see.  Moustache (pronounced Moooostache) Man and me sneaked around the alleyway again like a couple of sewer rats.  We had another discussion about available light, but I wasn’t listening.  I was thinking about nail polish.  I’ve recently become obsessed with painting my nails in colorful hues.  So while he was talking about shutter speed and ISO, I was thinking: “Which should I use first, China Glaze Recycle (an elephant grey) or OPI Need Sunglasses (a mid-life-crisis car yellow)?”  Opinions, please.

credits: Club Monaco tee, Quail skirt, vintage Enzo Angiolini shoes

Out of the Office

out of the officeout of the office
out of the officeout of the office

I’ve been “out of the office” so to speak, distracted by various developments (including a new internship!), but it’s good to be back.  The kitchen cupboard is where I keep items I’ve lost interest in or don’t wear very often.  I found this Club Monaco skirt out of that pile and set up a challenge to create a business versus casual look. The skirt is a sleek, but overtly professional piece only needing a crisp white shirt and structured bag to give corporate appeal.  With the casual outfit, I perpetrated a realistic situation using the items actually worn to “the office”.  The result was a change of pumps to sandals and an unbuttoned shirt worn in cardigan fashion.  I see myself more in the laid back look.  What about you?

credits: Prada glasses, Express shirt, Club Monaco skirt, Cole Haan pumps, Furla bag/Express shirt, Club Monaco skirt, Cocobelle sandals

Canary Song

Why not add a bit of testosterone to your feminine style?  Rough up a dainty bow-tied top by pairing it with slacks and somber hues.  These black pants are perfect boot stuffers, with enough slouch to give the overall look a military effect.  The obvious star piece is the Opening Ceremony cardigan.  It’s seasons old, but the brand’s current fall/winter fare is worthy of noting.  One of my favorites, the Moto Flare Coat was recently worn by a certain southern belle who had Four Christmases.

Opening Ceremony cardigan, VPL B-tank, Club Monaco tuxedo pants and Materia Prima boots