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london calling

London calling to the underworld

Come out of the cupboard, all you boys and girls

Moustache Man and I went out searching for some London worthy brick.  How’d we do?  ‘London Calling’ was in my head during this shoot.  It’s a shame I wasn’t running around causing a rukus in the streets.

credits: vivienne westwood wizard jacket, y-3 pointed shirt, cheap monday estelle tights, by malene birger leg warmers, y-3 cushion wedge, sparkle fuck ring

connect the bone

Remember the bone song? The arm bone’s connected to the hip bone . . . something like that.  Yeah, I never sang it as a kid.  Nor did I sing the states or presidents song.  Mary Bragg Bobcats rule.

Here’s the ensemble I wore to the Creatures of Comfort/VPL Fall 2010 trunk show.  My old co-worker went too, but I missed her.  What a tiny little city we live in!

A few weeks ago, C invited me to a girl’s shindig at her place.  We were in a creative mood and made jewelry together.  She had the most gorgeous chains, a perfectly weighted nickel and an awesome matte black.  This is the first diy necklace that I really love and I’ve been wearing it almost everyday.  So, I highly recommend getting a C in your life.  They’re tons of fun to hang out with and feed you gourmet salmon dishes for dinner.

credits: oak shirt, vpl patella leggings, cheap monday duct tape tights, mmm tabi boots, diy necklace

Tape is sticky

Just in case you didn’t know.

Moustache Man and I have been revamping the site.  It’s probably past due and I’m happy with the results.  Still, it’s surprising that I was open to the change because I like familiarity.  Ordering chicken mole at every Mexican restaurant, listening to Al Green for months and sleeping in my homely, tattered night dress (MM is not a fan) are just a few of these tendencies.

What really sparked the site change was a project I’ve been working on for the next post.  It requires more width than my format originally allowed, so MM messed with the html and voilà, a brand new layout.  Now that I’ve picked up blogging again, I appreciate how much freedom it allows.  It’s a totalitarian rule and what I say goes.  Awesome.

credits: kimberly ovitz crop top, hanii y top, club monaco tuxedo pants, cheap monday duct tape tights, ld tuttle the creature