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Boy or girl?

Moustache Man and I attempted some more shots outside and found this secluded sweet spot.  He had to hoist me onto a metal caddy and I had to hope it didn’t crumble into tiny pieces.  I found the top and shorts at Creatures of Comfort last week.  Why do you always end up buying when your intent is to browse and not spend money?  Because you have issues. But I couldn’t resist the tomboy quality of these Alexandre Herchcovitch shorts, and the T by Alex Wang tank matched perfectly.

I’m still on the hunt for the Wang socks from spring ’10, but they’ve sold out everywhere.    I think I’ve beeen cursed because of this post.  I take it back!!  Wang gods I beg forgiveness!  Whether or not I find those socks, I have some new legwear to debut.  I just got them from Lambs Ear and think they’re going to be quite an addition to my closet!  To be continued . . .

credits: T by Alexander Wang 1×1 tank, Alexandre Herchcovitch striped shorts, Camper wedges


blinders blinders blinders blinders

I’ve got my blinders on.  For the past week, Moustache Man and I have been searching for a new place.  Exciting, but very stressful!  We were intent on staying in the old neighborhood, but have a new location in our sights.  Thus, the blinders.  But I’m not too worried; Moustache Man has a penchant for online scavenging.  He found these jeans for me when I was looking for some grey skinnies.  I love the grommets, textured inseam and the way the zippers jangle when I walk.  Wish us luck!

credits: L.A.M.B. top, Hellz Bellz jeans, Camper wedges

Drop Your Sword

drop your sworddrop your sworddrop your sworddrop your sword

I’ve been taking an Intro to Clothing Construction class at Otis and this is my second project.  Initially patterned to be drawstring cargo pants, my stubborn personality and mum’s borrowed sewing machine gnawed at my docile student’s better half.  So I took a risk.  After much laboured sewing and as much time spent ripping seams, here it is.  My inspiration was taken from Rag & Bone and samurai gear.  Be gentle with the commentary.  I’m only a novice of thread and needle.

credits: VPL B-tank, diy samurai pants, Camper wedges

Texas Tee

texas teetexas teetexas tee

My dear friend, L gave me a t-shirt as a belated birthday gift when I was down south for the wedding (I’m scavenging for pics!).  She meant it to be a sleeping/couching around at home shirt, but the warm heather grey and luxe fabric convinced me that it was much more.  So, I flipped it inside out and voilà.  Not only is it a great little “vintage” tee, but the yellow print seeps through adding some interest.   L is one of the most stylish girls I know and I’ve always admired her effortless style.  She would definitely approve.

credits: Austin tee (turned inside out), Hugo Boss shirt, Elizabeth and James skirt, no name socks, Camper boots