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-noun: a fascination of Sparta.

These Black Milk sheer spartan leggings flew in all the way from Australia.  I tested them out a few days ago and it made me feel like doing the robot.

School has been kicking my ass.  I’m sewing and drawing all day everyday and not paying any attention to Moustache Man.  His moustache makes a sad face.  P says he’s going to call a whhaaaambulance.

credits: monrow vest, rvca x erin wasson hish shorts, black milk sheer spartans, ld tuttle the creature


When I saw the first picture I exclaimed, “I have a pug nose!”  To which MM replied, “You didn’t know?”  Evil Moustache Man.  I’ve since added him to my list.

This Twenty8Twelve dress is incredibly intricate:  the high collar detaches, the front buttons peak out of the placket, and the side seams are corseted.  But the belt is retarded.  It could go around 2 1/2 times around the waist, can’t fit through all the belt loops and is messy.  I’m just going to double the damn thing up so it goes around once.  Then the dress will be just pefect.

This outfit is meant for which of the following: a heroic adventure, video game con, or eating pizza?  If you know me well enough, the answer will be a cinch.  Hint.

credits: diy skeletor suit, twenty8twelve delmar dress, black milk liquids, hugo boss booties, army surplus spats