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Jumpsuits, or roomy unitards as I like to call them, can be full on utilitarian, sometimes tailored and often sexy.  Either way, I haven’t felt like wearing one since early last year.  Causes?  Maybe because it’s down trending.  Maybe it’s because we’ve designed a ton of them at my job.  I can’t really pinpoint the reason enough to say.  But when I went to the Diesel outlet Black Friday weekend, I forgot about everything.  30% off of 50% of what?  Jock strap looking thing?  Sure, I’ll take 12!  I was like a starved pig at a corn hash county fair.

So I bought this Diesel flightsuit, wore it once and hated it.  When I threw it in my “for sale” pile, (less passionately impulsive) Moustache Man came to it’s rescue.  “Let’s do a post and see how you feel.”  And here it is, looking pretty darn cool.

I haven’t decided whether or not to keep it, but I’m certain when my inner mechanic re-surfaces, I’ll wish I had it.  I guess that should be reason enough to stash it away for a rainy day.

credits: diesel utility jumpsuit, banana republic beanie, y-3 wedges

breaking and entering

This Halloween I’m going to be a fashion blogger who’s SOL with credit card debt (online shopping of course) and needs to pull a heist to pay it all off.  It’s very original.

Today’s been one of those “I’ve been hit by a truck” feeling days, which require your boyfriend man’s clothes.  I borrowed MM’s Rag & Bone military shirt to wear as a jacket.  Despite the disturbing fact that it fits me, it hit the spot like a good chai does on a spooky, gloomy day.

credits: banana republic hat, rag & bone military shirt, alexander wang tunic, ld tuttle the shaper, tse fingerless gloves, derek lam sunnies

Stream of Consciousness

. . . why are there so many people out?  I bet they can see us from those buildings.  Must try to pose . . .  but don’t try too hard.  Move feet!

Here are my thoughts as Moustache Man and I try to take some pictures out in the open.  It is a horrifying experience for us introverts.  But the last thing I want to do is bore you with more indoor shots.  P says it’s an adventure worth making!

credits: karen walker pearls dress, pencey knee high tights, vivienne westwood wizard coat, MMM tabi boots, banana republic cashmere hat

Nicholas K Tucker Sweats

Sweat pants are for the home and the gym.  Furthermore, if there is a message sewn on the rear they should be left in the closet.  But these Nicholas K sweats are far from having a certain Juicy je nais sais quois.  Below are four-ways to wear them.  Available at in khaki.

MATADOR MAX: A chic uniform for fighting Aunty Entity, pairing the Nicholas K Tucker Sweats with its matching jacket creates a futuristic look.  The slim jodhpur shape pant and dramatic collar jacket juxtapose fitted and loose silhouettes perfect for insubordination.  Credits: Nicholas K Tucker Sweats and jacket, sofake wefail secretary shirt, and Hugo Boss booties.

WORKING GIRL: The key to success is the Nicholas K pant.  Paired with a feminine blouse, color happy heels and a basic belt, the perfect business casual outfit is complete.  Afterall, you should dress for the job you want, not the one you have.  Credits: Nicholas K Tucker Sweats, Marc by Marc Jacobs blouse, Anzevino & Florence vest, Hugo Boss belt, and Seychelles shoes.

URBAN MILITIA: When marching through the winter war zone, what better wear to keep you warm than Nicholas K Tucker Sweats?  Essentials for your pack are tall boots and a camo green vest.  Credits: Nicholas K Tucker Sweats, Emporio Armani vest and LD Tuttle The Shifter Dust boots.

YARINA: Take a voyage in search of booty.  With the Nicholas K pant and a slouchy top, you’ll fit right in with the crew.  The gentlemen on board might even say, “My she was yar.”  Credits: Nicholas K Tucker Sweats, Eksempel blouse and Materia Prima boots.