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Don’t mind if I do

Moustache Man says I’ve gone knit crazy.  Whenever we’ve hit up a shop, I can’t help but gravitate to the sweaters.  “Look at this one!  It has pleats . . . look at this thermal stitch!”  MM just shakes his head.

We did a little Black Friday stroll last week and  popped into Maria Cornejo.  The sales girl was relentless and just as I was about to be a good girl and leave,  she nudged this little blue, cutout cardigan my way . . . the last in my size and 40% off.  Well, we all know how that turned out!

credits: zero + maria cornejo kala cardigan, ec tank top, theory skirt, house of holland tights, ann demeulemeester boots

White Stripes


JNBY, Just Naturally Be Yourself, is a line based in Hangzhou, China.  The pieces have a fluid and easy nature, but also maintain a structural sense that keeps things interesting.  I love wearing garments that people want to look at and examine . . . it just shows how much love went into making it.

C over at Brigadeiro is having a giveaway . . . I got picked for her last one and it was a doozy . . . go on check it out!

credits: jnby hooded poncho, pencey leggings, ann demeulemeester wedge boots


Oh, to visit his mind . . . I consider myself lucky to see a sliver of his mad brain with pieces like this one + one.

credits: hussein chalayan dress, alynne lavigne vintage bracelet, nervous system twist ring, ann demeulemeester boots

Working Robot

For the past few months, it’s been non-stop work in 6 day cycles, at two jobs.  But that’s going to change after this week!  I’m going to start a stint in design full-time and I’m sooooo incredibly excited.  L must have a sixth sense because she gave me a pressie perfect for my upcoming nights and weekends complete with her special L touch.  I LOVE.

I’m beginning to embrace jewelry, which is an incredible change . . . those who know me well will agree.  Something just clicked in my biological clock and decided it’s now time for me to wear rings!  And necklaces and bracelets!  I saw this Luv Aj piece and just had to grab it . . . I wish it was snag proof, but that’s just me being nit picky.

Someone should buy this.  I would, but they don’t have my size and I need to live vicariously.

credits: enza costa slit back top, marlies dekkers bra, luv aj spike id bracelet, alynne lavigne vintage bracelet, iro pants, marlies dekkers socks, ann demeulemeester boots


Moustache Man made me a surprise book about us.  In it he wrote:

I ran out of yellow ink.

I blame you.

credits: carin wester blouse, fredricks of hollywood corset, victorialand leggings, ann demeulemeester boots